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Professional tribalism may be seen as a problem within a complex organisation such as general practice. What may be the problems managers face in developing integrated professional team working?

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Sean Callaghan Professional tribalism may be seen as a problem within a complex organisation such as general practice. What may be the problems managers face in developing integrated professional team working? The Primary Care Health Team (PCHT) is generally considered to be the central form of organisation within primary care and is believed to be the most efficient style of inter-professional working (Peckham et al 2003). Definitions of a 'team' are often problematic; however, Wiles and Robinson (1994) offer a definition that sums up the key characteristics, "a group of people working at or from a primary care practice with common goals and objectives relating to patient care." ...read more.


have is to make these ways of working mainstream throughout the NHS. Good teamwork within all areas of the NHS is key to the success of the NHS Plan (DoH 2000). Inter-professional working implies a division of labour. This division exists in the sense of the numbers and range of professionals working together within Primary Care. For example, doctors, nurses, paramedical and ancillary staff. Additionally, it is also relevant as this mixture of professional skills delivers healthcare to patients. These divisions are not binding however, as they change overtime in response to technological changes, know ledged advances, and political changes (Flynn 1999) It is the consequence of such divisions and changes, suggests Peckham et al (2003) ...read more.


Conversely, Williams (2000) suggests, the impact of public management contributes to growing insecurity within the healthcare professions. The theory of change is in itself a subject that lies outside the boundaries of this text. However, Pringle (1993) believes appropriate management of change raises the chance of a good outcome, and that the need for change can be turned into an opportunity. Moreover, empirical evidence from many organisational settings shows if people are involved within the process of change they are more likely not to resist (Field & West 1995). It is therefore in the interests of primary care trust managers to keep staff on all levels informed, and actively involve them in the process of change. Nonetheless, Atkinson & Hayden (1993) advise that whilst support and facilitation perform well with problems relating to adjustment, change can be expensive, time consuming, and still fail. ...read more.

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