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Professional Values and Awareness.

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South Bank University Diploma in Higher Education May 2000 Number: 9905890 Professional Values and Awareness. Unit 9 Word Count: 2,119 ? Professional Values and Awareness. ? Unit 9 CONTENTS TITLE PAGE 2 CONTENTS 3 CASE STUDY 4 APPENDIX 1 12 APPENDIX 2 13 REFERENCE 14 BIBLIOGRAPHY 17 Word Count (excluding references and appendix) 2,119 In this assignment I will identify issues that affect the care provided in a home for adults with learning disabilities. Using the "case study" format I will focus on the interpersonal relationships and identify the underlying factors that influence them, then provide explanations for these by applying established theories. Churton (2000:214) describes a case study as "a detailed investigation of a single research area...". The case study will form a unique representation of the individuals involved at the time they were observed. As a single study the outcomes may not be representative of all care homes, but it is reasonable to assume many issues may be similar. As a student I was able to observe both staff and clients in their normal routines. I was accepted as a member of the care team and took part in daily activities. This form of research is described in Giddens (1997:542) as "Participant observation". Becker describe the role of the researcher as "someone who watches the people he is studying to see what situations they ordinarily meet and how they behave in them" (cited in Marsh I. ...read more.


However the staff studying the NVQ had to attend college in there own time. This caused resentment towards the management as the staff felt that the qualification was for the company's benefit, but at their expense. Tappen (1995:69) recognises that by allocating staff time to attend lectures or college days without them incurring financial penalties the outlook is changed from just gaining a 'paper qualification' to 'an opportunity' to develop skills and increase personal knowledge. Encouraging staff to develop new skills is a great motivator. Motivation has been described as "the oil that keeps the machinery turning" (Dell T. 1988:59) and is a key element in many leader/management theories. Many motivation theories are based around the concept of fulfilling needs. Maslow (1968 cited in Hogston R. & Simpson P. 1999:295/303) devised a hierarchy with seven levels, the first level are basic physical needs such as food and water progressing up to more psychological needs of self fulfilment. Individuals climb the pyramid a step at a time motivated by fulfilment at the previous level (see appendix 1). Kafka (1986 cited in Tappen 1995:304) offers five basic factors for motivation, Economic security, Control, Recognition, Personal self-worth and Belonging. But unlike Maslow the five may be placed in any order, as one person may be motivated more by the need to belong than the need for money (see appendix 2). Self-esteem/worth and belonging are needs common to both Maslow and Kafka. ...read more.


2001:23), and "give those working in social care a new status which fits the work they do" (Hudson B. 2000:99). These proposals may ultimately improve the status of the service, but in the short term the changes are creating more paperwork, require new skills, and are leading to greater job insecurity. These factors are adding to an already stressful job (Hudson B. 2000:96). Studies found that the main causes of stress for care workers were "the inability to provide service users with what they needed, accountability or responsibility without power, frustration at office politics and uncertainty about the future" (Hudson B. 2000:90). 'Powerlessness' and 'unresponsiveness to client needs' added to 'too much paper work' are more factors that can contribute to burnout (Tappen R. 1995:456). Care staff are under a great deal of pressure, in their daily work they face all of the ten factors that contribute to burnout. This must ultimately have an affect on the way care is provided. I have no doubt that the staff at my placement are genuinely caring people who do their best to provide a high standard of care for their clients. However sometimes the quality of care I witnessed reflected the pressures they were facing. Only when the attitudes towards care work improve will its status be increased. This would in turn see a rise in pay and a decrease in the stress felt by carers, which would have the end result of improving the care received by clients. ...read more.

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