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Reflect on an incident that took place whilst I was on my practice placement.

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DIPLOMA IN NURSING 02/09 DN2 NURSING ENQUIRY STUDENT ID NO: 13121 Word Count:2,703 The aim of this assignment is to reflect on an incident that took place whilst I was on my practice placement. The client involved in the incident will be referred to as "Carol", for the purpose of maintaining patient confidentiality, as stated in the Code of Professional Conduct (2002). The incident took place whilst I was on practice placement at a local care in the community resource centre, a centre which psychiatric clients used to visit, for support and continuum of care and recovery from their illness. The duration of the placement was seven weeks. I will explore this incident and give my understanding of the event in relation to professional, legal and ethical considerations. In order to present a well-structured reflection, I have chosen to utilise a framework of reflection by Gibbs (1998) to help me present my reflection in a natural sequence of events. The framework is iterative and enables me to ask myself a series of questions at stopping points, to help me put the experience into an organised manner. DESCRIPTION I first met the client Carol in the kitchen of the resource centre on a wet November afternoon. The theme of the Tuesday Caf´┐Ż was 'Soup and Rolls'. I had known for a few days that I would be involved in this activity and I was very much looking forward to it. I would assist with the serving of the meal and the collection of the monies. ...read more.


because the support worker was not a nurse, it made it more difficult for me to make a decision on what the correct procedure should have been. On further evaluation of this incident, I can see how my first tutorial on module DN2 in relation to professional ethics and a 'trigger' relate to this incident. I did not feel good or comfortable with this situation, therefore this was the right time to question why it did not feel right. ANALYSIS I still wonder why the support worker instigated such a response from Carol, and I blame my lack of knowledge in relation to professional issues as my reason for not reacting more assertively at the time of the incident. Without adequate knowledge it is relatively difficult to know how to handle the nurse-client relationship, as knowledge is a first and an important precondition for meaningful ethical reflection in situations in which morally good action is desired. ( Nursing Ethics 1998) As a student nurse, my first thoughts should have been of my professionalism and of the clients wellbeing, because although this carer was professional she was not a nurse. The Code of Professional Conduct (2002) clearly states that nurses should "promote and safeguard the interest of the patients", and because I am governed by this professional body, I could have been held accountable for the actions of this carer had any further incidents evolved from the one which I witnessed, because I am personally accountable for my own practice, and in the duty of my professional accountability, I must make sure that I avoid any abuse of my relationship with clients (Code of Professional Conduct 2002). ...read more.


I feel that it is important to constantly evaluate our professional boundaries with clients. In all professional relationships, there is more than likely a potential for conflicts of interest, because professionals will develop feelings for clients or clients families. This is only wrong when the professional acts on these feelings inappropriately, which I feel was the case in this incident. (Patient Client Relationships 2002). I feel that I am now growing in knowledge, experience and confidence, and that I am becoming more aware of my own beliefs and values, and also how they affect my nursing experience, and those of others. ACTION PLAN In order to prevent another situation of this kind happening to me again, I feel that I must act on my own values and beliefs, being careful not to impose them on anyone else. I will do the 'right' thing at any given moment in any given situation, regardless of the consequences. I will not ignore the situation next time, hoping that it will just disappear, because I know now that I could be held accountable if any serious issue came to light from something which I chose not to report. I have also learned that I need to further my assertiveness and communication skills so that I do not feel intimidated or belittled when addressing these issues to members of staff in senior positions to myself. I have also learned that positive experiences can be gained through negative incidents, as this one made me realize that I need to further develop my skills in order to offer the appropriate care which each client is worthy of receiving. ...read more.

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