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Report on safety regulations and COSHH.

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REPORT ON SAFETY REGULATIONS AND COSHH Introduction COSHH stands for `Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. This was introduced in 1988. It was necessary to introduce the Health and Safety at Work Act because people had no protection of hazards at work. People had no protection of hazards at work. People had to work and accept that hazardous risks were part of the job. People got illnesses such as pneumoconiosis, which is exposure to coal dust (miners). Farm workers were infected by microorganisms from hay and straw known as farmer's lung. Workers in the days before COSHH was introduced didn't even know that the workplace could harm them, unaware that there were risks. The Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced in 1974. ...read more.


use of ethanol in a practical is highly flammable and reacting ethanol with potassium metal will be explosive, which is a very high risk. The body may be exposed to hazardous substances by ingestion, inhalation, corrosion, absorption and skin contact via injury or injection. Ingestion is when a substance has been taken through the mouth, this use to occur in the 1970s when they used to do pipetting through the mouth. Inhalation usually occurs when a substance in the form of powder or dust in the air is inhaled by a subject. Corrosion usually occurs when a corrosive chemical touches skin and this burns through the skin and its cells. Absorption usually occurs by a substance that could be easily absorbed by the skin e.g. ...read more.


The principles used to minimise risk are having safe systems at work, which are: * Adequate information * Suitable control measures e.g. protective clothing, eye wear and * Personal hygiene- wash hands after removing gloves before eating, drinking or smoking. Medical practitioners monitor the workers health if contaminated and monitoring the work area. The control measures for workers on and off the premises are: * Ventilation of the substance being used, * Substitution of hazardous chemicals, * Containment of the substances and * Personal protection e.g. eye wear, protective clothing. Summary/Conclusive Overall aims/object of COSHH are for you to know the hazard of substance, the risks associated with use of substance, those at risk during the experiment, the route of risk of the substance and the measures needed to reduce the risk. Its importance is to take into account the user and those in nearby buildings and is also to protect the future generations. ...read more.

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