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Should special needs children be educated in mainstream schools

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  • Essay length: 1100 words
  • Submitted: 19/04/2011
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Should children with special needs be educated in mainstream schools?

Special needs children (SEN) have been the subject of debate within an educational setting for a long time. More recently educators and analysts have questioned whether children with SEN should be allowed to be educated in mainstream schools to maximise their learning experiences. The special educational needs and disability act 2001 states that children with SEN ordinarily should be included in mainstream schools. However, if major adaptations to the facilities or curriculum have to be made, or, other children's studies are affected by a child with SEN then a mainstream school may not be the best option for the child. There are differing factors for inclusion especially for those with different types of SEN. For those who have physical disabilities, having improved access within school may enhance learning. New technology can also help improve curriculum and help those pupils with communication difficulties. However those with severe and complex needs may struggle adapting to and learning within mainstream schools and segregation may be required to provide the best possible education and support for them.

Children with SEN have regularly been segregated into separate learning environments, specifically intended

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