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Skilled caring is when we are interested in people individual difference stereotyping lumps people together as if they are all the same and stops us from being good careers.

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CONTENTS PAGE TASK 1 .....................................................................................pg 3 TASK 2......................................................................................pg 9 TASK 3 TASK 4 Unit 6 Task 1a &1b The care value base The care value base was devised by the care sector consortium in 1992 in order to provide a common set of principle and values for workers and professional in health and social care. The care value base consists of: Confidentiality Confidentiality means keeping the information that you have on others stored in a private place which should only be release to people on a "need to know basis" for example if you a being referred to a psychiatrist by your doctor they would need access to some of your medical history .Client in a care setting must know that they can trust their career because this can damaged their self esteem if this confidential information have been shared. There are also legal requirements for information to be kept confidential. Rights and responsibility Everybody has their own rights. They have the rights to their own belief and lifestyle). No human being has the right to damage other people quality of life (this is exempt for people in care home because they are not totally free to do what they want e.g. they have to eat at a certain time) in care setting career must respect the rights of their clients. They also have the right to receive treatment at the hospital. They also have the right to go straight to the hospital to have an emergency operation if there is serious damage. They also have the right not to be stereotyped people may make assumption biased on stereotyping thinking for example a carer working with old people may say I'll will just go in and wash and dress this next one I wont ask what she would like me to do because she old and old people don't remember so it does not matter what I do. ...read more.


This can influence the assessment because if any information held on Mrs Bhogal gets passed on to other people who doesn't need to know Mrs Bhogal trust in the care worker would be destroyed. Therefore this would effect her emotional need because she will feel sad, angry, and depressed of it will even affect her social needs because she might feel like she does not want to open up to any other people therefore leaving herself isolated. The stages that confidentiality influences are: * Assessing the needs of clients - because when assessing the needs of clients the client is giving out personal information about themselves. On the assessment sheet Confidentiality is supported during the assessment because of the data protection act. The data protection act is a set of principles in which states that personal files should abide by the following standards: * fairly and lawfully processed; -this is to make sure that discrmination deos not take place whilst the data is been processed, for instance Mrs bhogal personal data * processed for limited purposes; * adequate, relevant and not excessive; this is to make sure that only certain information is held relevant on Mrs bhogal * acurate; Mrs bhogal could be falsely accussed * not kept longer than necessary; Mrs bhogal information should be deleted when no longer need to prevent people messing upher information * processed in accordance with individuals' rights; care setting are obliged to following the principle when holding information on clients like Mrs bhogal * kept secure; this can be used to ensure that Mrs bhogal information is not destroyed or tampered with * not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection. This is to make sure that discrimination does not take place on Mrs bhogal behalf confidentially is used to build positve relationship trust and respect between care worker and client. If mrs bhogal care worker were to kept mrs bhogal information confidential mrs bhogal is more likely to trust her and mrs bhogal may feel that she can communicate with her. ...read more.


it harder for clients to continue with there task Staff Staffing levels can result in staff that are caring and having time to communicating with clients. Poor staffing levels can result in staff that are stressed and have less time to comminute with clients. Finance Government who are supporting client financial and emotional in order for them to meet up with needs. Government, who can't support client financial and emotional, mean client is unable to meet up with the needs. Legislation Good care worker who are respecting the right of the client and empowered clients. Client will feel safe and caring. Uncaring care worker, attend not to empowered client and discriminating against them. These mean clients are not safe. SUMMARY If we were to look at all of these factors we would be able to see the benefits and disadvantages of the factors The benefits are That better care is receive when a care worker or a care organisation gives good service when it comes to Transport -transport will be there on time to get patients to there appointments Legislation- none of the legislation are breached Finance- good advice on help to pay for the service Equipment- equipment to use for everyday living Resources- good facilities Skills- staff that are crb checked and skilled Staff levels - staff are able to spend more time with clients to understand their needs the disadvantages are That worse care is receive when a care worker or a care organisation gives bad service when it comes to Transport -transport will not be there on time to get patients to there appointments Legislation- some of the legislation are breached Finance- bad advice on help to pay for the service Equipment-insufficient equipment to use for everyday living Resources- bad facilities Skills- staff that are not crb checked and skilled Staff levels - staff unable to spend more time with clients to understand their needs ?? ?? ?? ?? Sasha Fagan Health and social care Gnvq intermediate Unit 6 b 1 ...read more.

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