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Systematic approaches to client care

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Systematic Approaches to Client care 2. Zoe Hannah 0808427 CFP 108 10/08/2009 Contents. Page. 1. Learning Contract including Outcome and Evaluation One -Medicines 4. Learning Contract including Outcome and Evaluation Two -Infection Control 7. Systematic Approaches to Client Care Essay 16. References INITIAL LEARNING CONTRACT & ACHIEVEMENT PLAN 1 What do I want to achieve? I want to be a competent student nurse that can accurately calculate drug doses and administer prescriptions in a safe and appropriate manner whilst maintaining accurate records of medications and gain knowledge base for types of medications and their effects. How will I achieve it? I hope to achieve my learning outcomes by participating in medication rounds on the ward with my mentor as supervision. I will ask advice on the medications prescribed to build my knowledge of medications used. I will also use appropriate research such as journal articles and an up to date copy of the BNF and evidence to gain more understanding of effects of medications. I will accurately record effects in client evaluations. I will make use of numeracy sessions in order to gain confidence in drug calculations in order to be competent in practice. A qualified member of staff will always check calculations that I make on the ward. I will be able to identify the correct generic name for prescribed medications, modes of administration, precautions and common side effects, as well as relevant to patient treatment. Who do I need to involve? My mentor, other ward staff, my link tutor, Doctors, Pharmacists, theoretical evidence base and clients. Outcome and Evaluation 1 I feel that I have achieved this learning outcome. I have used the resources outlined in my learning contract. At first I was nervous about calculations and administration of medications as I found it difficult to identify medications, especially if they were prescribed under a brand name. I was also nervous about giving injections. ...read more.


For example a Physiotherapist could be introduced to a clients MDT during rehabilitation. It is a key aspect of working within an MDT that professionals know their role in relation to the clients care in order for the care to be efficient and appropriate. To ensure this, members of an MDT should work collaboratively. Collaboration between health professionals is essential in ensuring quality care (Chaboyer and Pattinson, 2001). Sharing a clients medical and nursing notes with all members of the MDT is a form of collaboration; this implies interdependence and relies on mutual respect and understanding of the individual and complementary contribution each professional makes to achieve the desired care outcomes (Makaram, 1995). These notes can be in a form of an integrated care pathway. A definition as expressed by Harrison et al (2004) says that an integrated care pathway (ICP) is a multi disciplinary care plan that provide detailed guidance for each stage in the care of patients with specific conditions, over a given period of time and are used for day to day monitoring and quality assurance. ICP's help ensure that members of health and social care teams maintain and enhance integrated care, as ICP's provide role clarification, consistency of standards, a record of events in order, a variance which allows individualised components of care and a reduction in waiting times. Case conferences are also a form of collaboration within an MDT and can also include the client themselves and the client's family. A case conference is an opportunity for all members of an individual client's MDT to evaluate the client's care. Communication between the health professionals involved with the client's care can be used as a teaching opportunity both for the client, their families and other professions. For example what is going to happen next, how that will affect the client and how that will influence the ICP. Case conferences can be held at any stage of a client's care. ...read more.


When reflecting on these skills I feel that in relation to Gerry the care he received on the ward by the MDT was medically good and achieved all the ICP outcomes. However in order for his care to based on a more holistic approach it would have been appropriate for Gerry to be involved in decisions made by the MDT, I feel that he was given little opportunity to voice concerns and preferences to those that did not have the chance to sit and converse with him. Ultimately it could have been these professionals that made the most influential decisions that would affect Gerry's life upon discharge from the ward. I feel that I had did have the change to hear Gerry's opinions and preferences whilst caring for him, and anything I learned from these brief discussions was documented in his nursing notes. However I should have used this opportunity in a more holistic manner in order to record more specific information that could have influenced his care. To be a holistic nurse it is important to be vigilant with patient assessments in order to avoid contradictions in treatments and to provide the best course of treatment for the individual patient, it is important to treat the patient and not the diagnosis (Hunter, 2009). In conclusion, clients should have individualised ICP's and appropriate MDT's that should be re evaluated frequently in order to provide efficient and effective care for the client. Good communication within the MDT is important to provide optimal care delivery to ensure the best quality of life possible for the client is achieved. When looking at a client as an individual I have leaned that it is important to take influencing factors such as environmental, social, economical, spiritual and political into account as it can provide understanding of appropriateness of care for each individual client as a whole. From evaluating and reflecting upon the approach to client care I can implement what I have learned into future practice while developing my understanding and building on my knowledge of client care, doing so in a holistic manner. ...read more.

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