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The Contemporary Role and Responsibilities of a Registered Nurse

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The Contemporary Role and Responsibilities of a Registered Nurse. Student No.: n7497016 Subject: NSB117 Nursing and The Health Care System Tutor: Linda Ng Due Date: 04/06/10 Word Count: Group Process Essay The contemporary registered nurse is a complex professional. This is not simply a collection of specific skills and the nurse is not simply a person trained to perform specific tasks. According International Council of Nurses has said "Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. Nursing includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people. ...read more.


As a teacher or patient educator, the nurse explains to the patient and family concepts, facts about health and demonstrates procedures such as self-management, self-care activities and skill learning. The activities may be unplanned or planned. It should be match the person's capabilities and need. The nurse researcher investigates problem to improve nursing care and to further define and expand the scope of nursing practice. These are four aspects of research initiating research, consuming research, practicing based on research and reflecting on practice. Counselor help people to feel better and able to self-reliant. Explore more options for patient and identify her situation assist her to make decision, demonstrates respect for regardless of race, culture, religion, age, Encourage them to communicate with and built u trust for counselor. ...read more.


Nurses use the critical thinking to integrate scientific knowledge to apply on clinical situation. Assessment identification of a problem, planning to intervence, intervention and evaluation are steps to make the decision in clinical. nurses make thousands of decisions every day, autonomy is a important part in nursing role. Autonomous nursing care is the ability of a nurse to assess and provide nursing actions as appropriate for patient care based on competence, professional expertise, and knowledge. The nurse is expected to practice autonomously, consistent with professional standards. The nurse also collaborates with the activities of other members of the healthcare team to provide comprehensive nursing care. All about the knowledge and competency standards have been developed by Australian nursing and midwifery council. The registered nurse are regarded as responsible and accountable for all decisions and actions taken in relation to patient care. ...read more.

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