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This essay is about accident prevention in the older adult at home. Relevant health promotion theories and model shall be used, sociological and psychological determinants affecting health will be discussed

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This essay is about accident prevention in the older adult at home. Relevant health promotion theories and model shall be used, sociological and psychological determinants affecting health will be discussed. Relevant policies, documents, and government reports shall be included. The role of the nurse will be explained in relation to health promotion. Epidemiological, statistical evidence to accidents in the home will be included and why illness is a major life event. Dr Manish (2007) explains that "health" is an elusive word. Most people who consider themselves healthy are not. And many people, who are suffering from some known disease, may be relatively healthy. Health is a concept which does not merely relate to the absence of disease, of healthy working organs, or having good thoughts. Health is a holistic concept. It relates to a person as a whole. Not just the person you see, but also the person you feel. Health is a tri-une of three parts: emotional health, mental health and physical health." According to Heinrich (1931), who developed the domino theory, "88% of all accidents are caused by unsafe acts of people, 10% by unsafe actions, and 2% by "acts of God." He proposed a "five-factor accident sequence" in which each factor would actuate the next step in the manner of toppling dominoes lined up in a row. The sequence of accident factors are: ancestry and social environment, worker fault, unsafe act together with mechanical and physical hazard, accident, and damage or injury. In the health of the nation white paper published in July 1992 the government said that the National Health Service management executive would commission handbooks on possible local approaches to each of the five key areas identified in the white paper: Coronary heart disease and stroke, cancers, mental illness, accidents and HIV/Aids and sexual health. The Department of health, social services, and public safety (2004) explains that "their strategy aims is to reduce the number of accidental deaths and injuries in the home." ...read more.


produces and distributes leaflets to help prevent accidents and hazards. They explain that publicity is needed because stress, illness, social deprivation, ignorance of danger, and carelessness all contribute to home accidents, it doesn't matter how well products are made, or how safe the environment is, accidents still happen. Appendix 3 shows A&E attendances by time of day and age group, also by month and age group. The Health Education Authority (1996) states that the UK population aged seventy five and over has five times the rate of accidental deaths as the total population. Those aged seventy five and over have a death rate of 114 per 100,000 caused by accidents compared with a death rate of 21 per 100,000 in all age groups. 40% of injuries happen in the home, which is the most common accident location for older people. Ashton (1998) explains that an accident can change the life of an older person, leading to loss of confidence, resulting in having an affect on their emotional and physical well-being, and can contribute to poor mental health. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Age Concern (1996) say that accidental injuries can have a long term effect on normal daily activities, particularly among older women. The Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (1996) estimates that 135,000 falls occur each year among people aged seventy five years and over. Falls are more likely to happen to older people with a disability or longstanding illness and are more serious than falls by younger people. The majority of accidents for people aged sixty five to seventy four who are still active are mostly in the garden, living room, kitchen, and stairs. Later in life 75+ people are less active and more serious accidents occur on the stairs, bedroom, or living room. Most accidents happen in the daytime. They occur when getting out the bath, out of bed or up from a chair. ...read more.


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