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To describe why I chose nursing as a career, my goals, ambitions, and my total respect for the field of nursing. Included in this paper will be my personal ideas and concepts of how I felt about nursing before I enrolled

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Reflective Paper 2 My intentions for this paper is to describe why I chose nursing as a career, my goals, ambitions, and my total respect for the field of nursing. Included in this paper will be my personal ideas and concepts of how I felt about nursing before I enrolled in the program and how I feel now. By using current literature and journals, I will be reinforcing what I have learned throughout the program to prepare to become a nursing professional upon passing of the NCLEX. Lastly, I will list my goals after one year and five years upon completion of the University Of Guam's nursing program. While I was in the military, I had the opportunity to provide client care to active duty, retired personnel, and dependents. As a Hospital Corpsman, my scope of practice was much more liberal than my civilian counterparts. I had learned a lot from the education and training I received from the military that I wanted to take it to another level and advance my knowledge in this field. I was fascinated by how nurses knew disease processes and interventions. ...read more.


(Kozier et al, (2000), p.11) According to Marquis & Huston (2000) What differentiates a successful change agent-a person skilled in theory and implementation of planned change to deal appropriately with these very real human emotions and to connect and balance all aspects of the organizations that will be affected by change. While studying nursing at the university, I have witnessed first hand many changes that has happened to the curriculum over the years. Changes that have occurred are the raising of grade point Reflective Paper 5 averages to 2.7 and raising the passing rate of 75%. These changes have been designed to improve our chances for success on the NCLEX based on research. Overall, change must occur by all nurses according to the present time with respect to procedures, technology, and function. Nurses are in a position to act as client advocates. They protect clients, represent their needs and wishes to other health care providers. They also assist clients in exercising their rights and help them speak up for themselves (Kozier et al. (2000), p.11) I can recall my experience at the Skilled Nursing Unit when I took care of this elderly caucasian gentleman. ...read more.


Specific plans I have for myself as a nurse will to provide optimum quality care to all my clients. I will act as a leader towards my subordinates by leading by example and creating windows of opportunities for them. I will act as a change agent by identifying problems and finding solutions that benefit both clients and nurses. I think this is important because it raises the morale of the staff and it also provides an efficient and professional environment. I will continue to advocate for my clients, my co-workers and myself to ensure equal rights amongst everyone. I cannot say that I will not go into politics in the future, but for now I can make myself readily available for politicians to utilize me as reference towards health care. As I gain experience from working in the field of nursing, I will continue to find ways of improving nursing procedures and functions. In conclusion, the paper I wrote has helped me find a sense of direction in my life. It also made me realize the accomplishments I have made over the last 4 years. I had the Reflective paper 8 opportunity to reflect upon my education and develop an even greater respect for my future profession. ...read more.

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