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What are the factors influencing health? Describe your role as a primary health care practitioner in influencing the health of your client.

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What are the factors influencing health? Describe your role as a primary health care practitioner in influencing the health of your client. Content 1. Introduction P.3 2. What is health P.4 - P.5 3. Factors Influencing Health P.5 - P.6 4. A Health Care Personnel's Role In A Primary Health Team P.6 - P.8 5. Conclusion P.8 - P.9 6. Bibliography P.10 7. Reference P.11 Introduction Our human ancestors have been on this planet for perhaps two million years. For 99.5% of that time, they existed as hunters and gatherers. The development of agriculture began about 10,000 years ago. We have had cities for about 8,000 years, and our dependence on fossil fuel came about only within the past few hundred years. Today, the advancement in technology has changed our lifestyle completely. Our way of living is so different from our hunting and gathering ancestors that we can scarcely comprehend it. Now, there are few hunting and gathering societies left, but those who still exist can provide us with information about how our ancestors lived. The Australian aborigines or the bushman of the Kalahari desert in Botswana and South-West Africa have been studied and provide some insight into those earlier lifestyles. Because of the dust, perspiration and the blazing sun, the Kalahari bushman's skins darken to a copper brown. (1) Although their livers are difficult by our standards, particularly during the dry seasons, they appear to be healthy and happy. ...read more.


Thirdly, social factor which connects with the membership of a particular social group such as age, sex, age, race and developmental level ... etc. For example, chicken pox is predominant in childhood, elderly women are prone to osteoporosis, the blacks have predispositions to hypertension and adolescences like to engage in risk-taking behavior due to the need to conform with peers. Fourthly, environment plays a part in affecting our health. Pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect, radiation and ozone layer depletion ... to new few are just a few environmental factors that have an impact on our health. Lastly, our lifestyle has a positive correlation to our health. For example, cigarette smoking probably causes more morbidity and excess mortality as smoking has been convincingly implicated as a contributing cause to chronic lung disease, various types of caner (especially lung), coronary heath disease and other circulatory ailments. We always have worked together to improve our health. Collective action is just as important today as it was two million years. Almost a century ago, people took action and achieved reforms that greatly improved our health. They pushed to eliminate crowded housing. They fought for safe drinking water and better sanitation. They lobbied to end child labor and overlong working days. They pressed for health and safety laws and they helped to set up day nurseries for the children of working mothers. ...read more.


and tertiary prevention (begins after an illness when a disability is stabilized). At different levels, different approach can be used, and a wide variety of health prevention can also be launched at various settings as well such as school, workplace or health care organization. As to treatment, health care personnel might need to refer to the appropriate professionals such as doctors, nurses or physiotherapist for appropriate treatment. Lastly, rehabilitation programs have been designed to return the client who has suffered a debilitating disease and or surgery for example diabetes, or health disease to a quality of lifestyle and functional state of living. Conclusion Health care in the 21st Century has seen a shift away from secondary care in favor of a primary care model. The challenges of health care are increasingly complex and subject to frequent changes. Meeting these changes requires that health professionals work in partnership with each other, with other professionals, and with clients and carers. In order to deliver an appropriate primary health care, professionals have to rely on each others' skills and knowledge. Primary health care workers need to know how to assess individuals, how to manage their care and how to encourage healthier lifestyle. As health care personnel, they can play an important role in influencing older people and in providing the support and encouragement they need to make healthy lifestyle choices and further their independence. Certainly primary health care means comprehensive, community-based services that are accessible to all. ...read more.

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