Romeo and Juliet - In this assignment I will show the relationship of the two Nurse and Juliet.

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In this assignment I will show the relationship of the two Nurse and Juliet. I shall describe how the nurse helps Juliet accomplish her goal of marrying Romeo. The nurse plays a very important part of the play and I will describe how she makes herself important and what makes her special.

Throughout the play the Nurse continually appears. At the beginning of the play the relationship is clear. From the outset and throughout the play the trust, protection, willingness, mischief, and loving care of the Nurse are shown.

The Nurse has a lot of affection for Juliet. She plays more of a mother figure to Juliet than her natural mother does, Lady Capulet. The Nurse has nursed her all her life. The Nurse has been within the Capulet household for at least fourteen years, the whole of Juliet's life. As Juliet grows up, she still plays an important role in her life. The Nurse had a daughter of her own, Susan. She was born on the exact same day as Juliet; she unfortunately died leaving the nurse very distraught. When she got the job of looking after Juliet she was at last contented. Juliet was like her own daughter; she took the place of Susan. This shows that the nurse is quite an affectionate character. She continuously looks out for Juliet. It also shows that the nurse is quite caring; taking on the job of a full time nurse is hard. However, she shows love continuously. Although the Nurse is Juliet's servant, the attitude of that is hidden. The relationship between the pair is so close that the idea of the Nurse being Juliet's servant is hidden.

Act 1, scene 3; is where we first see the Nurse. This is the scene that we can gather her background information. The two sit together reminiscing on the "good old days". She can remember the exact date of Juliet's birth, a sign of a close connection. It would remain in her memory because of the death of her own child.

"Come Lammas Eve at night shall

she be fourteen"

When Lady Capulet enters the room to talk to Juliet, she dismisses the Nurse. This is a sign that they too have a close relationship, sharing secrets. It doesn't last long and that idea is rejected.

"Nurse, give us leave a while.
Join now!

We must talk in secret"

The Lady wishes to discuss things with Juliet, but finds it uncomfortable. She calls the Nurse back immediately. The Nurse is clearly part of the family. She is seen as a trusted family servant to the Capulet's in Verona and she maintains an active voice in their family affairs. They seem to have no secrets from her. Therefore the lady involves the nurse in her discussion with Juliet about her possible marriage to Paris.

"Nurse, come back again, have remember'd me,

thou's hear our counsel"

When Juliet speaks ...

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