Did Roosevelts upbringing, background and character make it easy for him to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans?

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Did Roosevelt's upbringing, background and character make it easy for him to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans?

In this essay I shall evaluate Franklin Roosevelt's upbringing and character. I will then try and explain and understand why these things either helped him or pulled him back in trying to make America a better place for the ordinary people. After seeing the American slums and being brought up and educated in a very high- class school, Roosevelt began to see the affects on the poor and fought for all he could to improve their lives and give them a better chance, this is were he exceeded. Also he was pulled back because of his upbringing. He had a loving, wealthy family who cared dearly for him and therefore implies that he was stuck up to the nation and know matter how hard he tried, could not put himself in the position of the homeless and starving as he had never in his life experienced social hardship. He therefore wanted to understand what the average American citizen through the depression as they were worried, anxious and scared etc about paying money back and how they were going to cope with poverty. They then looked towards the Government for help, to get them out of this dreadful economic situation. Roosevelt therefore needed to no their feelings to console and help them as they were concerned they would not survive without a job and any money as it had been lost to the banks, and unemployment was so low.

First, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York in 1882. His family owned a country estate and were very wealthy. However this did not help Roosevelt much when trying to strengthen the USA by understanding the Americans average citizen, as because of his wealth he had never been subjected to any suffering and was therefore seen as stuck up. It was also felt that could not associate or put himself in the place of the ordinary Americans, who at Roosevelt's time of power, were poverty stricken and money less from the wall street crash. His wealth was also seen as a plus in some ways. This is because he it allowed him to have connections and associate with the right people and also provide him with the best education, which called help him on is way to making the USA a much better place to live in.

Secondly, Roosevelt was an only child had a very close, loving and stable family who cared deeply for him and wanted him to have the best possible life. This was in some ways seen as not helping Roosevelt as it meant that he could never associate with poor or under privileged so may not understand them. He also was given everything he wanted so took things for granted very easily and therefore would not care half as much for the American citizens, but instead for himself and his and the banks money. His only child status also meant that his mother and fathers attention was always given to him, whereas most American families had many children, so they were less loved and spoiled. On the other side Roosevelt's loving family was also seen as a major plus for him. This was because he could reflect the love from his mother and father onto the American families to try and sort the economy out and make their lives much better. Also, as a young man Roosevelt looked up to his elder cousin Theodore Roosevelt who served as President from 1901- 1908. He admired his distant cousin who reflected on him. Theodore inspired Franklin who then wanted to go into the political world. This also reflected his choice to become President and allowed him to have a deeper understanding of what there was to do, so that he would be able to carry this out in his elected years.
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Roosevelt's education also played an important part in getting him ready to face presidency and to help the American citizens. His education started with him being taught at home. Firstly, by a Governess and then a private Tutor, then he was sent to an all boys boarding school named Groton, this separates Roosevelt of from the average American as they were not given the advantage of experiencing Roosevelt's education and therefore could not have that good head start in life. Here he studied for four years and was heavily influenced by his headmaster Endicott Peabody, who encouraged him ...

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