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AS and A Level: Art & Design

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  1. Does Religious Art have any Relevance in Today's Society?

    Anthony,' the print 'The Birth of a God', or 'Christ of St. John of the Cross' which remains the most popular exhibit ever to be shown in St. Mungoes Church of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow, which just goes to show that when these pieces and others like them are displayed anywhere in any gallery across the world they are guaranteed to attract an absolute flood of visitors and their wallets. But Salvador Dali isn't the only person to inject their beliefs about religion into popular culture through the medium of art.

    • Word count: 3027
  2. Art Essay

    Art isn't about what you see (representation); it begins to be about the artist's motives as well. --> Artists start painting for themselves rather than for the audience in Dutch Still Life. o Impressionism --> heavily influenced by Japanese art. Due to technology he found out about them. Looked at artifacts and loved it because it was different. o Western Art - Realism o Reject the rectangular formation - used squares and circle canvas. --> Composition in a conventional way. Different to his time as everyone used rectangles. CULTURAL FRAME o Impressionism: photo's came out and questions the role of the artist --> documenting historical values (painting = one off, camera = many replicas).

    • Word count: 4328
  3. AS Photography - Image based study

    by using the dark, almost black tone to (in a way) underline the focal point. There is also very good use of lighting and shadow in the piece. This is not just in the way the main subjects, for example the napkin, are positioned so that the item is given texture by the use of shadow, but also in the fact that he has included shadow cast by objects outside of the piece. By doing this he has hinted at the world outside of the photograph. It helps give the image context.

    • Word count: 4376
  4. Personal study for art

    Usually her style involves the cropping of a magazine or newspaper image enlarged in black and white. The enlargement of the image is done as crudely as possible to monumental proportions. A message is stenciled on the image, usually in white letters against a background of red. The text and image are unrelated in an effort to create anxiety by the audience that plays on the fears of society. Barbara Kruger's works has appeared in museums and galleries worldwide, her work has appeared on billboards, buscards, posters, a public park, a train station platform in Strasbourg, France, and in other public commissions.

    • Word count: 3401
  5. Line " the essence of art, the language of free expression.

    Yet artists are so captivated by the complexity of line and the endless way we can manipulate line, imitating the 'handiwork' that they have observed in nature. In Pre-historic times, line was use as a source of communication and eventually it became written and visual language. Pebbles were used for counting, carried inscriptions with Line and geometric designs that later led to a more complicated representation. Even the simplest of the images are based exclusively on linear elements. Writing is the ordering of knowledge.

    • Word count: 3626
  6. An Examination of the Pre 20th Century Female n**e Painted by Men

    Possibly the most influential painting in the history of the female n**e is Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus.' It was the first female n**e created which in itself issues it was great importance, but moreover I was struck by it's portrayal of a story. I feel this painting illustrates the beauty of the female and simultaneously, it defines plainly a suggestion of how society accepted the female n**e being used as a muse. To such a scholar as Medici to whom the painting was commissioned; it told the story of the Goddess Venus's birth, as she 'emerges from the sea upon a shell in accordance with the myth'1 whereby such divine refinement accompanied her.

    • Word count: 3425
  7. Brandind the Future

    is one of the only reasons that can explain such success with the public. Gaining trust is the most valuable and core asset a corporate leader can create. Here are two quotes' I found on the internet. The first quote for me sums up exactly my opinion on brand leaders. "A great brand taps into emotions. Emotions drive most, if not all, of our decisions. A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience. It's an emotional connecting point that transcends the product." - Scott Bedbury/Nike, Starbucks This next quote, for me is a very important quote.

    • Word count: 3116
  8. What is Interactive Media

    web and many mode modes of interactive media, I think within the next 100 years our whole civilization will be dominated by the digital revolution. I think people may become lazier as a result, more and more things will become easier via digital processes and computers will be capable of much more. I also feel that jobs will become more scarce increasing unemployment due to the simple fact that machines and computers can operate more precisely than a human being and that they are also more reliable.

    • Word count: 4099
  9. john martin paintings

    The Great Day of His Wrath John Martin's magnificent painting of the Apocalypse, The Great Day of His Wrath, really caught my eye. As an onlooker I found myself being swept, confused and disorientated into the middle of the painting towards some perspectival vanishing point - a black hole. This painting is a total contrast to 'The Plains of Heaven'. It is nothing less than the end of the world. Mountains crumbling, fires raging and bolts of lightning fall as God takes his final revenge on mankind.

    • Word count: 3177
  10. Discuss some of the ways that postmodern photographic practice questions, critiques, or opposes Modernist notions of photography

    The use of photography was kept relatively simple. Documentary was very much perceived as its sole use at this time. Work by people such as Charles Marville and Eadweard Muybridge are excellent examples. Additionally the concept that the photograph had to be technically perfect was a key thought of Modernist photography, especially in the early 20th century when black and white film was reaching its height of quality. An Example of this can be the photographers of group f/64. The groups key idea being that high quality was key to creating fine art photography.

    • Word count: 3210
  11. Surrealism - artists and techniques.

    In order to clarify these concepts, I will explain the properties used in this surrealist painting by Max Ursnt. In this painting (Oil on canvas), the animal shown is clearly imaginary, however it is made up from animals which do exist in reality e.g The head resembles a bird, and the left foot resembles a horses hoof. A major unrealistic factor in the painting is the sheer size of the animal. If the painting was given to a scientist, that scientist would explain many reasons why the animal could never grow to that size.

    • Word count: 6325
  12. Self, Body and Portrait

    They see fashionable "facility" as resulting from a rift between mind and body, in which the outer, visibilities of life have taken over the authority of soul and spirit: "Paintings, tattoos or masks on the skin embrace the multi - dimensionality of bodies. Even masks ensure the heads belonging to the body rather than making it a face...Shaman, warrior and hunter organisations or power, fragile and precarious, are all the more spiritual by virtue of the fact that they operate through corporeality, animality and vegetality."

    • Word count: 4086
  13. Is Graffiti Art?

    A 'b**b' is painting a name all over town to gain attention from the community and local press; to get your name out and be recognised. It was also used by gangs to state their presence in the area. It wasn't long before writers discovered that in a train yard or 'lay up' they could hit many more subway cars in much less time and with less chance of getting caught. The concept and method of 'bombing' had been established.

    • Word count: 3497
  14. History of Tae Kwon Do

    Paintings on the ceiling of the Muyong-chong, a royal tomb from the Koguryo Dynasty, were the earliest records of Taek Kyon, the oldest known form of Tae Kwon Do (Bristol). Sonbae, a group of national heroes of Koguryo, was said to have done civil constructions for his country and fought off hostile foreign forces (Meador). They were believed to have practiced Taek Kyon and used it to defend their country. The Silla Dynasty, founded by Park Hyuk Kusae, was the smallest of the three kingdoms but had contributed the most to the developments of Tae Kwon Do (Lee).

    • Word count: 5536
  15. Design a poster to promote transport

    Soviet constructivism is a modern art movement that began around 1913. Constructivist art, theatre and exhibitions were produced by a group of avant-garde artists in Moscow, Odessa and St. Petersburg. It began with works of mainly abstract constructions. After 1916 the brothers Naum (Pevsner) Gabo and Antoine Pevsner sculptural added an emphasis related to the technology of the society in which they were created. Constructivism was founded by an artist/architect named Vladimir Tatlin. The main feature of Constructivism is that it was promoted by the new Soviet Education Commissariat which used artists and art to educate the public.

    • Word count: 3942
  16. FantasyArt.

    Fantasy art is mainly done through the imagination. The way in which artists accomplish these feats will be investigated, as well as the artists who have surpassed simply reaching these goals to create truly spectacular work. High Fantasy "I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic of something that never was, never will be - in a light better than any light that ever shone - in a land no one can define or remember, only desire" 2 "Fantasy may be almost all things to all men" 3 It is hard to describe what fantasy is exactly to a pinpoint

    • Word count: 3647
  17. Discuss the extent to which the international art market is a regulator in the post academy art world. To what extent does the market limit the supply of art and antiques and separate good art from junk art?

    Therefore, the market limits the supply of art and antiques studying the consumer economic preference. Hence, market segmentation, division of labour and specialisation caused a division between high and low culture, and separate good art from junk art. In this way, the art market should select the talented artists in a free and wealthy society that allows a very large number of artists to have more opportunities becoming financially independent and to acquire artistic freedom. Although, the role played by the dealer in the market, as cultural entrepreneur, is important for maintain the value of the product.

    • Word count: 3603
  18. Virginia Woolf Lecture 1 - aesthete or feminist revolutionary?

    But she is herself part of the Victorian world from which the Stephen children set about distancing themselves. She constructs a series of myths - of harmony, marriage, family life, love - which are limited in the face of time and history, and which cannot sustain a modern woman like Lily Briscoe. The novel traces the failure of these ideals in the wrecked marriages of the next generation, the deaths of children, the war that broke up the Victorian-Edwardian world. It also tests the adequacy of Mrs Ramsay's faiths by way of Lily Briscoe, whose sense of the artist involves a more profound and direct confrontation with fragmentation, and a more critical stance towards social pieties like marriage than Mrs Ramsay is capable of.

    • Word count: 4389
  19. Manipulation - Some of the definitions that the dictionary gives for manipulation are as follows: to work with the hands, to handle or manage, to give a false appearance, to turn to one's own purpose or advantage.

    They look similar to pieces by surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The image below shows an open book that is being held open by what looks like a stick. The book is a dictionary and is opened at the pages explaining the meanings of words beginning with C. On one side of the book there is a hole cut out which looks to be the shape of a door. There is also one of the pages rolled into a cone shape and placed almost at the entrance to the doorway. As well as this there is a black pole that stretches across the middle of the image in the foreground from the middle on the right to almost the top left corner.

    • Word count: 3321
  20. Abstract Fantasies.

    In the past I have worked a little into abstract, but more surrealist, and have never attempted to produce a landscape abstract piece like Kevin does of areas of importance in his life (like his hometown). And as I am studying Kevin Phillips' style I feel I should experience his art first hand and try to understand what draws him to mimic such amazing sights of nature and the world into incredibly colourful pieces of work and get a insight into why he has so much passion for abstract work.

    • Word count: 3615
  21. During this personal investigation I propose to explore and present an 'exploded view' of Cornelia Parker's life and works of space, suspension, friction and destruction.

    Southern Arts Award (1983) First Prize 'Midland View', Stoke City Art Gallery (1980) Exhibitions (from 1980 to 2003) 2003 Guy Bartschi, Geneva, Switzerland, D'Amelio Terras, New York, NY 2002 Frith Street Gallery, London 2001 Galleria Civica D'Arte Moderna, Italy 2000 Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston 1999 Frith Street Gallery, London and the London Science Museum 1998 Serpentine Gallery, London and Deitch Projects, New York 1997 ArtPace, San Antonio Italy 1996 Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 1995 Serpentine Gallery, London, 'The Maybe' and the Gallery 102 Germany 1992 Galerie Eigen + Art, Germany and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1991 Chisenhale Gallery and the Spitalfields Heritage Centre, London 1989 Cornerhouse, Manchester 1988 Ikon Gallery,

    • Word count: 3068
  22. Leonardo da Vinci.

    Collaboration on a major project by a master and his assistant was standard procedure in the Italian Renaissance. What is special is that Leonardo's work is not, as was usual, a slightly less skilled version of Verrocchio's manner of painting but an original approach altering it. It completely possesses all the fundamental qualities of Leonardo's mature style and implies a criticism of the early Renaissance. By changing hard metallic surface effects to soft yielding ones, making edges less cutting, and increasing the slight modulations of light and shade, Leonardo evoked a new flexibility within the figures.

    • Word count: 3102
  23. Impressionist and Post Impressionist Artists - Claude Monet.

    From 1871 to 1878 Monet lived at Argenteuil, a village on the Seine near Paris, and here were painted some of the most joyous and famous works of the Impressionist movement, not only by Monet, but by his visitors Manet, Renoir and Sisley. In 1878 he moved to V´┐Żtheuil and in 1883 he settled at Giverny, also on the Seine, but about 40 miles from Paris. After having experienced extreme poverty, Monet began to prosper. By 1890 he was successful enough to buy the house at Giverny he had previously rented and in 1892 he married the women he had an affair with from 1876, which begun three years before the death of his first wife.

    • Word count: 3015
  24. How far do you think that the Kleophrades Painter's use of red figure gave him an advantage over the Amasis Painter who worked in black figure?

    Red figure offered many advantages over the black figure style. There was greater freedom as a brush was used instead of an incisor. This meant that the thickness of line could vary and flow, allowing realism in facial features, musculature and drapery. This combined with the nearer flesh tone of red, created figures which were far more life-like. Secondly, the contrast between red on black as opposed to black on red, meant that the figures stood out more than in the traditional style. Also, the dimensions of the figures could now be more realistically portrayed.

    • Word count: 3705

Art and Design at A level is a challenging course that will see you involved in a creative, practical development of your skills as an artist, as well as developing a general appreciation of art. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of disciplines and to advance your own technique, style and specialism.

The assessment is practical but there are elements of written work including in-depth critical studies. Marked by Teachers has a wealth of essays in this area which can really help you understand what examiners are looking for.

A level Art and Design is fundamental preparation for those wishing to study the subject further at Art School and also an ideal grounding for those who wish to go on to study Architecture,Design Fashion.


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  • Compare two or three local museums that you have visited

    "In conclusion therefore I must add that to compete with all the other media today, museums have to use the genuine things that only they possess in order to increase people's appreciation and understanding of the past. They're failing to do this at the moment. Pure example is the Museum of Fine Arts that I just described. It contains some of the world's rarest treasures, yet its labels communicate only the briefest and most mundane information. How many people shuffling past these painting look at them with any understanding? It would be perfectly possible, to create a whole display that introduced the visitors to the artists's times and life's work, and led them, by degrees, to that painting in particular, so that, when they looked at it, they catch a glimpse of the painter's mental effort as he tried to depict the soul. But as it is, visitors pass on without a second glance at these remarkable achievements of mankind."

  • Evaluate the ways in which emotion might enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowledge.

    "Emotion might enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowledge because in most cases emotion is what causes you judgement depending on your culture and the subject areas you look at. As you can see depending on what area you look at it seems as though either emotion or reasoning has a larger influence. Such as subject such as science are there to establish facts where as art is harder to justify value judgements with the same amount of certainty you have in science. In my opinion emotion is what affects our judgements in certain cases such as when looking at something for a first time."

  • This essay will discuss how two of Banksys most popular works have been shown in a critical and/or enlightening way.

    "In conclusion, Banksyâs Rickshaw and Armored Dove have been shown in both critical and enlightening ways of looking at society. They have been shown through the techniques of juxtapositioning and symbolism as a representation of the recurring themes in Banksyâs work: inequality, consumerism, conflict and an ironic representation of peace. From the mouth of the man himself; âI like to think I have the guts to stand up anonymously in a Western democracy and call for things that no-one else believes in â like peace, justice and freedomâ."

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