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Art Galleries should allow artworks to speak for themselves

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Art Galleries should allow artworks to speak for themselves Whether art galleries should allow artworks to speak for themselves remains an ongoing debate. The role of a museum or art gallery is to inform and educate those who are interested in art. Where to draw the line on the provision of information on artwork becomes a problematic issue. Museums and art galleries see millions of people who come to enjoy the beauty of art. When considering how to accommodate its visitors best, the needs of students, connoisseurs, tourists and the uniformed public alike need to be considered. It is agreed that ideally artwork should be left to be viewed and interpreted by the public without any guidance or direction to allow visitors to appreciate the work in their own way. As a great creative artist in the music profession Louis Armstrong has said, " If you have to explain it you don't get it." However, the artwork on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art presents a different situation. ...read more.


This artwork is also, more often than not, less abstract than more contemporary art and can therefore be better understood. Theodore Gericault was one of the most dedicated artists working during the romantic period. He was most famous for his dramatic artwork "The Raft of Medusa" 1819. Romanticism was a wide spread movement that influenced artists, writers and musicians through France, Germany, Spain and even Britain. In such forms of art as this we can see the figure and interpret what is happening. In the artwork we can see without even being educated the emotion expressed through the faces and the stance of the figures. An example of when I had such a difficulty in interpretation of Contemporary art was when I first viewed Alighiero Boetti's embroided world map in the Museum of Contemporary Art. I found it difficult to identify what the map would have meant to the artist. Further, I initially questioned and tried to understand how a rug could be exhibited and represented as a contemporary piece of artwork. ...read more.


How can there only be room for the audience's interpretation. An artist work is an expression to emotion about the world we live in. If this is true which it is, how can the interpretation be left to the audience? If the artwork is the artist's expression, it must be his interpretation of the world. Intrigue always lies apron the viewers mind wanting to know what drove the artist to create such apiece. Art galleries and museums are designed not only for the art connoisseurs and art critics; they are also designed to meet the needs of students, and the public. For the less educated in art, Contemporary art in particular can provide some problems as the interpretation can be impossible and the true value of the work can be lost on the individual. It is therefore important to provide information to the public on the meaning behind such artwork and leave it to the public as to whether they wish to read and be led by the artists interpretation. Captions must assist and address the needs of the majority of people, even if it is at the expense of a sophisticated view. By Josephine Doyle ...read more.

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