Can Creativity exist without emotion?

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Can Creativity exist without emotion?

First of all it is important to define how elaborate creativity is within the human mind, as well as concepts behind being creative. The idea of being creative means to create new thoughts but also new associations between what already exists in the mind and what does not. It is a phenomenon that creates a path for innovation and invention, and is most prominently seen in art and literature.

"Creativity, it has been said, consists largely of re-arranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know." George Keller

Creativity is stemmed from the information and experiences that are present around us in the world. From the information that our brain recieves, we process it and use it to shape the raw material that is seen in the real world (ie, paintings, etc).
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Before I continue it is important to define what emotion involves. Emotion can be defined as an engine that drives our actions. It can also be defined as a language that is exerted through our actions. Emotions are uncontrollable, they are a simple mental state that arises spontaneously.

To expain the existance of creativity with emotion, I am going to use the example of an artist. When an artist creates a piece of work, he/she is usually absorbed in a mental state that has risen from past experiences and knowledge. The mental state creates a feeling (ie ...

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