A-level Business Studies PDP

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Key datesWhere am I nowWhat are you going to do to progress?How is this bringing you closer to where you want to be?November 2007Currently I am studying for my A levels. I am studying Business, History, Law and General studies.To progress and achieve A level grades. I am going to work hard and to make sure I put my full effort in to all the work.This will help me get closer to what I want, as if I obtain my A levels I will go to university and study my chosen subject to the carer I am going to follow.January 2008By January I will have to complete my UCAS form in order to attend university.I will need to complete my personal statement and also I will need to make sure all details are filled in.I will need to go through UCAS to get into university.June 2008In June will be preparing for my A level exams I will do this by revising my subjects for the exams I do.To progress in my exams I will need to study hard and revise all the work in preparation for my exams.If I am to pass my exams I will be able to go to university and study my chosen subject. October 2008If I pass my exams I will attend university to studying Accounts and Finance.To progress in university I will have to manage time well between leisure and studying.By passing my first year at
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university it will lead me on to the second year and on the path to my chosen carer as an accountant.January 2009I will be revising for modules in which I will have to pass or repeat later in the year.To progress in my modules I will have to revise consistently and will have to attend all lectures in the build up to the module. By passing my module exam it will lead me closer to passing the first year at university.March 2009I will be awaiting my results for my module exams.I will have to work hard.If I pass my module ...

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