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A2 Business Project - Aims, Objectives and Summary

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A2 Business Project - Aims, Objectives and Summary Aims and Objectives My next step is to do some research about the business, its surroundings and its customers. In order to obtain this information, I will search for some secondary data using the internet. Through this method I should be able to learn more about the local community, such as family income etc. I will use sites such as www.upmystreet.com to try and find what ACORN classification this area falls under. These profiles should provide me with information and statistics about the ethnic origins of the residents, their family incomes and housing types among other things. After analysing these statistics, I will construct a customer questionnaire which should help me see whether they think it is a good idea for Resham Mehal to diversify. I will use questions aiming at finding out about the four key areas, otherwise known as the 4 p's. ...read more.


When the business was first started, Shahnaz employed one of her job seeking friends to work part-time in the shop. The same employee is still working at the shop and there have been no others since the opening. Resham Mehal sells ready made women's suits that are all imported from Pakistan and its target market is the young Asian female generation. Shahnaz buys in bulk and pays on delivery. In terms of stock control, she just keeps an eye out and orders new stock when she notices it is low or her current stock is going out of fashion. She makes all the decisions on designs alone and does not involve her employee. Her suits are priced between �15 and �40 depending on the amount of work done on them. Currently, Resham Mehal has not taken any steps in order to monitor customer satisfaction. ...read more.


The main reason for this being that the owner prefers the low key environment and does not wish to expand too much. She does however have possible plans to diversify in the future and introduce sales of jewellery and other accessories. This mainly depends on finding a good supplier. Other plans for the next 12 months include refurbishment. So far, the shop has already been upgraded by painting and new signs. The last refurbishment included the creation of two changing rooms in order to decrease exchange levels. This effort has been successful. Due to lack of market research and advertising, the business must rely on word of mouth and in store promotions. Therefore my working title is: Would diversifying into jewellery and accessories be beneficial for Resham Mehal? *NB: This is just the first part of the project that needs to be done. Each business used would be different and have different issues that need addressing. Statements in this piece of work should not be generalised for all companies. ...read more.

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