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AS and A Level: Accounting & Financial Management

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    I have identified different types of ratios using financial information from the company named First communication plc. I have identified how these ratios help the user to understand the financial position and performance of the business.

    3 star(s)

    current ratios = current assets current liabilities = ratio Most of the short term creditors would prefer high current ratios as it will reduce their risk. Shareholders may prefer a lower current ratio so that more of the firm's assets are working to grow the business. First communication plc liquidity ratio 2008 2009 665.1 = 2.3 451.7 = 1.10 283.6 409.7 First communication result in 2008 is 2.3 in 2009 is 1.10 2009 it was 1.10. According to this result 2008 was better than 2009.

    • Word count: 855
  2. Free essay

    Internal control report Marlene Enterprises. This report focuses on the internal control over cash, which ultimately assists in the managing and the keeping track of cash.

    However, receipts with errors should not be destroyed. They should be marked with 'cancelled' and to be kept for auditing and other purposes. The cancelled receipts should be filed in numerical order since that all receipts, or source documents in general, should be able to be traced. Entries should be recorded in a cash remittance book when cash is received through mail. No cash should be taken from the cash register to pay for other expenses. Cash in the cash register should match the tape recording the daily cash sales.

    • Word count: 829
  3. Budgets - An explanation of the use of budgets as a means of exercising financial control in Name It Ltd

    Break-Even: Businesses should aim to break even to ensure they are going to survive in the future. Break-even is where the business doesn't make enough sales to make a profit but they make enough sales to avoid making a loss. The point of break-even is shown on a graph that businesses produce to see how well they are doing financially. The below diagram shows a break-even chart. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/business/finance/profitabilityrev2.shtml To calculate break-even: Break-even point = fixed costs (unit selling price - variable costs) The calculation of break-even tells you how many units of a product you will need to sell in order to break-even.

    • Word count: 739
  4. Finance case study. Explain two methods that John and Jackson might have used to finance the business start up.

    Explain two methods that John and Jackson might have used to finance the business start up. (4 marks) AO1: Kn: State to possible ways of financing AO2: Ap & An: Provide a detailed explanation The first method that can be used to set up their business is their own savings, this is beneficial as there would be no interest charged on this money, however if the business does not do well they would have lost their money. They could also ask friends and family to invest in the business although to do this they would need to set up as a private limited company.

    • Word count: 658
  5. Maynard Company Balance Sheets a of June 1 and June 30 compared.

    638,538.00 Total Liabilities and Shareholder's Equity 638,538.00 Maynard Company Balance Sheet as of June 30 Assets Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity Current Assets Current Liabilities Cash 66,660.00 Accounts Payable 21,315.00 Accounts Receivable 26,505.00 Bank Notes Payable 29,250.00 Merchandise Inventory 26,520.00 Taxes Payable 7,224.00 Supplies on Hand 6,630.00 Accrued Wages Payable 2,202.00 Prepaid Insurance 2,826.00 Total Current Liabilities 59,991.00 Total Current Assets 129,141.00 Other Noncurrent Liabilities 2,451.00 Property, Plant, and Equipment Land 89,700.00 Total Liabilities 62,442.00 Building 585,000.00 Less: Accumulated Depreciation 157,950.00

    • Word count: 652
  6. Business Accounting

    Revenue income The company earns revenue income by selling products or providing services. Income Generated from Sales Sales can be for cash or as a credit transaction. Cash sales are often best because the business receives the money for the sale immediately. However, business will often have to offer credit facilities to encourage growth in sales. Credit sales involve the organisation supplying the goods or services to the customer but allowing the customer time to pay for the item. Income generated from rent If a business owns property that it rents out to another company or person, the rental income received will be a source or revenue income for that business.

    • Word count: 984
  7. Unit 12 Investigating Internet Marketing D1

    Tesco are operating their business online because they want their customers to benefit from purchasing products and services. Customers can benefit from using the different services that Tesco provides online such as customer's online help, digital complains, product's promotions and up to date information. Customer services online is one of the main and best services that Tesco provides for their customers. Consumers can benefit from this service because it's a fast result service. This means customers will receive back the answers to any of their questions in few hours. For example, a customer has decided to buy a product from Tesco online but wants to ask few questions regarding the products they are purchasing, for that reason customer

    • Word count: 849
  8. How a trial balance is extracted from a set of accounting records

    Debit accounts include asset, expense accounts and credit accounts include liability, equity, revenue accounts. Assets are listed first followed by liabilities and then owner's equity. The Trial Balance can be taken at any point in time. It lists all ledger accounts and their balances and is used to see if debit and credit balance. Assets are listed first followed by liabilities and then owner's equity.

    • Word count: 401
  9. Types of communication

    - PowerPoint presentation - PowerPoint presentation are useful for business, because you can present your work in PowerPoint to other companies. It's easy to use and it also looks professional. - Webcam- You can have a business meeting using webcam and you can see each other face to face. - Voice recorder- Voice recorders are useful for business people who want to record their meetings and ideas. They also can record and transfer information to their computer which will make it easy to manage and they can play back their voice.

    • Word count: 774
  10. SWOT Analysis for Coca Cola

    Currently they sell their products in 200 different countries across the world. There is approximately 52 billion servings of all kinds of beverages worldwide, everyday. And out of those 52 billion Coca-Cola accounts for more than 1.4 billion. All over the world Coca-Cola owns 32 beverage concentrate or syrup manufacturing plants. Also they own or have interest on 37 operations with 95 drink bottling and canning plants located outside the US. Because of Coca-Colas large scale it lets it feed the market with no difficulty and enhances its revenue. * Strong growth in three segments The three segments that have grown in revenue the most are Latin America, East, South Asia, and Pacific Rim and Bottling investments.

    • Word count: 863
  11. Accounting case study. Dear Mr Han I am writing this letter to explain how the profit and loss account and balance sheet that you have received works.

    Depreciation in the profit and loss account is the loss in value of the assets in the business over a period of time. For example if there is a car or a van in the business the value of the car will depreciate over the years and will not be worth as much when it comes to selling it. The trading account is the basic process of a business. This shows how much profit the organisation makes by this basic business process, not including other costs that the business may incur.

    • Word count: 612
  12. audits

    • Word count: 900
  13. economic influence

    they might be losing out on their customers as they will be complaining about the fares and of how they have raised them in a sudden. And if the government decide to change the rate to 2.0% then the customers will have to pay less money to them which will result in more profits and more customers at the same time. My suggestions for British Airways is that they should be saying to the government that because of you our customers are falling out due to the inflation rate you have particularly set and because of that they will have

    • Word count: 750
  14. Task 6 developing customer Relations

    It's Tousif Ahmed speaking how my I help you Not happy with shower..... I an very sorry for the problem you have experienced. I understand what are saying and why you are annoyed. I realise you were unconvinced and it won't happed again. We make sure that we get the showers fixed as soon as possible. We have sent a plumber over to fixt. Offer of membership: Things to offer the customer-we can offer you 4 weeks free subscription to your membership which allows use of all of the services at any

    • Word count: 397
  15. Business and marketing benefits for the Bullring

    * Opportunities to analyse online competition and keep up with competitors: The Bullring can check online competition and competitors by searching their website, to see what price their selling their products and if they got any offers to customers. * Offering delivery- to- door as a sales feature: The Bullring has a team that deliver items to customer's doors which they have ordered from their website. * Online order tracking: You can find out where your parcel is by contacting the call centres, but the Bullring doesn't offer this because they don't sell anything on their website because it is only an information only website.

    • Word count: 740
  16. Birmingham Bullring- Website Case Study

    They specialize in investing and developing shopping centres, retail parks and prime offices. Henderson Global Investors Ltd (now the Pearl Group Ltd): This is a leading international company; it provides a wide range of investment products and services to institutions and individuals is Asia Pacific, Europe and north and South America. Pearl Group Ltd: Is a financial service that specializes in management, it mainly focuses on investment returns, financial security and high service standards. Land Securities Group plc: Is Britain's leading property development and investment group, the company has a strategy balancing shops, shopping centres, offices, retail warehouses, leisure and industrial properties.

    • Word count: 875
  17. For this task am going to explain the purpose of accounting in a business organisation.

    The financial accounting makes the entries in an account which know as ledger account. This account consists from two locations which are the debits are the people that the business owes them money, and the creditors are the people which the money is owed to. For example, assets will increase debts and will decrease credit and liabilities will decrease debits and will increase credit and capital. The reason why there are two locations in a ledger account is because it will make it easy for the financial accounting to add the credits and the debits which means to know how much money they owe and how much money the people owe them.

    • Word count: 930
  18. PFI/PPP is mainly applied by governments to projects which require regular, on hands maintenance. However, PFI/PPP may not be used for any kind of projects.

    PFI/PPP really motivates the private sector companies. Whilst using this method, individuals are able to come up with bigger and greater ideas with huge potential. PFI/PPP enables the risks to be shifted from the public sector to the private sector, which in the long run, is far more beneficial. PFI/PPP allows the government to be very flexible with when it wants to build new public words. The project timing does not depend on the government's cutbacks and budgets, which in any other government that has not adopted the concept of PFI/PPP would require stable finances.

    • Word count: 940
  19. Business resources M2

    The reason Sainsbury needs to controls its cost properly is that it doesn't go over the budget which has been set by the company It is very significant for an organisation like Sainsbury to control its debtors properly and effectively then this would mean that the company would get its money owed paid back quickly and this would aid the company by having it money back from it debtors. This would mean that the company would have money available to pay it creditors and purchase stock.

    • Word count: 975
  20. Business resources P2

    The main physical resources of Sainsbury - Some of these resources are fixed and current asset * Staff * Equipment - fixed asset * Building - fixed asset * Security - fixed asset * Insurance * Materials - current asset * Vans - fixed asset * Products - current asset The functions and benefits of the staff are to run the organisation in an efficient and successfully approach. Moreover the benefits are to help the company achieve the company targets and objectives.

    • Word count: 883
  21. Business resources P1

    incentives * job description * person specification * disciplinary action * trade unions * Culture * Problem solving Sainsbury have recruitment and retention as part of the human resource functions this is because they will need to employ employees to be able to work within the supermarket in order to run the business smoothly. For example they will need to employ manager, supervisors and sales assistant. During the summer and Christmas times Sainsbury will need to employ more staff. Sainsbury have training and retention as part of the human resource functions because the employees need to have sufficient training in order to perform to the best of their ability and achieve the company's targets.

    • Word count: 995
  22. Business resources M3

    Net profit margin The net profit is the profit the business has made after deducting the expense and tax. Formula Net profit/turnover x 100 Working out - �349.810/�845,000 Answer = 41.37% This mean that out of every �1 of profit the business makes the business keeps 41.3%. So this is a good figure has the business keeps 41.3 business makes a lot and this money would be invested back in stock. This suggests that if the business makes �349,810 of net profit form a turnover of �845,500 it will have a net profit percentage of 41.37%.

    • Word count: 571
  23. Business resources M1

    There is two kind of training that could be given to the staff one is one the job training and the other is off the job training. This will benefit the business as it will have staff who can do various task and might decide to save money by making some employees redundant. If Sainsbury manages its equipment appropriately use the equipment to it full capacity and strength then the business can gain good level of productivity from the machine.

    • Word count: 732
  24. Business resources P6

    A figure less than 1.5 indicates that the business may experience difficulties in meeting its short-term debts. A figure more than 2 indicates that the business may be holding cash in an unproductive and unprofitable form, it may better use elsewhere. Last year �192.000/�120.000 Answer = �1.6 This means that for every �1 of current liabilities the business has �1.60 of current assets available. Normally it should between �1.5 - 2. A figure less than 1.5 indicates that the business may experience difficulties in meeting its short-term debts. A figure more than 2 indicates that the business may be holding cash in an unproductive and unprofitable form, it may better use elsewhere.

    • Word count: 601
  25. Income increased To Budget

    A Private Limited of Public Limited Company may chose to do this by offering shares. Other businesses raise money in different ways. They may get a bank loan or may try to raise finance by getting a grant. Grants can be given to businesses by national or local government agencies for many different reasons. These include where the business is located, how big the business is, or if the business is an industry that has problems. The most common organisations to receive grants are in farming, manufacturing or tourism.

    • Word count: 879

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • compare and contrast financial and management accounting

    "In conclusion, all three writers/authors agree that the social and economic change in the past has pushed the change barrier further and further. As the society continues to change, so also will be change in organisation strategy in the use of information in making quality decision in the running of their affairs. The nature and effect of government legislation in the control of a more global organisation not only has contributed, but will continue to contribute to further development of financial and management accounting in the future. Organisations that are not ready for a re-think will further find they are unable to face competition in the new global market."

  • Identify and evaluate costs involved in the purchase of business assets.

    "As you can see that loan has been spread out over 2 years and each month is paying 532 pound also by leasing the van this cost us 124.99 pound a month. This saves us 10,000 pound year as shown in the highlighted box. With the �10,000 she can invest this in the bank and gain interest for the money invested. 1 2 3 4 5 6 RECIEPTS Capital �5,000.00 Sales(France) �0.00 �360.00 �360.00 �720.00 �540.00 �550.00 Sales(UK) �605.00 �630.00 �1,010.00 �1,025.00 �1,200.00 �1,290.00 Total Receipts �5,605.00 �990.00 �1,370.00 �1,745.00 �1,740.00 �1,840.00 PAYMENTS Raw Materials(France) �190.00 �190.00 �380.00 �285.00 �290.00 �187.50 Raw Materials(UK) �247.50 �255.00 �415.00 �417.50 �490.00 �525.00 Electricity �65.00 �65.00 �65.00 �65.00 �65.00 �65.00 Rent for garage �75.00 �75.00 �75.00 �75.00 �75.00 �75.00 Advertising �50.00 �0.00 �50.00 �0.00 �0.00 �50.00 Ferry Fees �50.00 �50.00 �50.00 �50.00 �50.00 �50.00 Sues Other Wages �400.00 �400.00 �500.00 �500.00 �500.00 �500.00 Car boot fees �40.00 �40.00 �40.00 �40.00 �40.00 �40.00 Van running expenses �30.00 �30.00 �30.00 �30.00 �30.00 �30.00 loan �532.00 �532.00 �532.00 �532.00 �532.00 �532.00 Small Van �124.99 �124.99 �124.99 �124.99 �124.99 �124.99 Total Payments �1,804.49 �1,761.99 �2,261.99 �2,119.49 �2,196.99 �2,179.49 Net Cash Flow Per Month �3,800.51 -�771.99 -�891.99 -�374.49 -�456.99 -�339.49 Opening balance �0.00 �3,800.51 �3,028.52 �2,136.53 �1,762.04 �1,305.05 Closing balance �3,800.51 �3,028.52 �2,136.53 �1,762.04 �1,305.05 �965.56"

  • Assess Effects of Corporate Personality

    "Conclusion Corporate personality has had a significant affect in forming company law over the last centuries, and the Salomon case has been a crucial benchmark to company law and is still being used in courts today. However, there is a need for more clear definition in key concept and a solid framework, where as when to lift the veil or who should be liable and what is mere fa�ade etc. Or would the future of company law revolutionise and abandon the Salomon theory?"

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