An analysis of the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of business information at a Technology College.

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An analysis of the legal, ethical  and operational issues in relation to the use of business information, using approperiate examples.

Legal and Ethical issues:

Codes of practice exist in Washwood heath Technology College to maintain business ethics on:

Use of email



Use of e-mail:

In washwood heath Technology College there is use of e-mail. It is used as a reminder or advance notice or to inform about meetings. It is used to inform the staff about the upcoming activities. The teachers even use it to report the management about the students and their activities. It can be used to report any urgent news immediately.  Washwood heath Technology College even has its policies with the use of e-mail. The right language has to be used. Any sort of abusive language can be used. The person to whom the mail is being sent has to be respected. Large documents cannot be sent. Attached images cannot be sent.


Washwood heath Technology College has use of internet. It has limited access. There are few websites which cannot be used by the students for example the website including social networking. Washwood heath Technology College has to protect itself from intentional abuse. It has many legal risks. All the staff members have the acceptance of internet policy.  Washwood heath Technology College makes sure all the policies and laws are implemented. The information which is confidential is protected. Data has security. Washwood heath Technology College has virus protection on its computers. In appropriate websites are blocked which are not suitable to the work requirement.


A whistle blower is an employee who raises a concern about a business practice-either to management within the company or to an outside organisation. The concern may relate to fraud, crime, danger or any other serious risk that could impact on customers, colleagues, shareholders, the public, the environment or the organisation’s reputation. There can be charge for visits to museums and such places during the school hours. There can be charge for overnight stays with schools. Parents will be contacted to cover any wistful damage. The head teacher will report to the school finance committee on an annual basis of the level of remissions made by the school.

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Use of e-mail:

E-mail is used in washwood heath Technology College to e-mail the teachers around with anything going on around and with any latest event coming up.  In Washwood heath Technology College the teachers even e-mail the head to tell them if there is any problem going on in the lesson. If any student does not turn up on time the teachers e-mail the head to inform them that the student is not in the lessons. The school even e-mails the students for any latest thing like if there is a day off the school will e-mail ...

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