Analysing The Aspects Contributed To The Personal Career Plan

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Analysing The Aspects Contributed To The Personal Career Plan

My Personality Test

In order to find out what personal skills and personality traits I would require in marketing management. I had to go through a couple of personality tests that will determine what my skills and traits are. I had to take a psychometric test, which is a way of assessing a person’s ability or personality in a measured and structured way. Psychometric literally means measuring the brain. There are three main types of psychometric tests:

  • Measuring personality
  • Assessing general abilities
  • Measuring and assessing specific abilities

The test that I have done measures personality. The test consist of series of written statements and for each statements, I was asked to indicate, as spontaneously as possible, the one with which I readily identify as shown below.

Upon completion of the test, the results plotted on a chart, or personality profile, to show the shape of my personality.

 From the results I have found out:

  • I am sometimes calm and at the same time a bit resilient.
  • I am able to bounce back after stress, which means I am generally composed and confident, even under stressful situations.
  • I am organized, hardworking and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient and fun
  • I am also outgoing, sociable and I interact at expense of developing interests that concerns me such as my work.


  • I can be insecure and nervous sometimes as well have excess worry and self doubt
  • I can be suspicious at times and somewhat traditional.

Overall, I am likely to handle whatever life throws at me with relative ease.

My Personal Skills & Personality Traits

For marketing management, it will be necessary to establish the range of skills that are important in getting selected and succeed in this job. I will analyse the key personal skills that are required for marketing management. Not everyone is cut out for life in marketing and brand management. Succeeding in the field requires a very specific set of personality traits. Going into occupational role, there are key personal skills that are required for that particular job. These skills include Team Working, Influencing, Risk Taking, Self Confidence, Motivation, Interpersonal skills, Communication and Leadership. I will also analyse these skills and find out how they will benefit my future career.


Although it may be hard to live, breathe and dream of barbecue sauce, a marketing manager must have -- or develop -- a love for the product they are working on, or at least be fascinated by the marketing process. I may personally hate the taste of barbecue sauce, but I have to focus and be intrigued with when people use it, how they use it, and what memories are created when they use it, then I will have the required consumer passion. Ultimately, it is this drive toward consumer understanding and how to reach consumers that will make me be a great marketer.


Marketers must be able to create an environment that encourages risk-taking and innovation. A marketing manager must be able to develop a strategic direction and then champion it and communicate it across all cross-functional departments. I have to be able to align people behind a common goal and achieve results. I can be resilient which can assist to have good leadership skills. I also have good decision making skills and I enjoy problem solving.  


I have to embrace the philosophy that "no brainstorm is a bad brainstorm." In making products stand out in a crowded field, a marketing manager must creatively and effectively develop ideas. I have to be able to "walk on the wild side" and develop a sense of humour, which I already have. I am usually creative; one of my reasons to enter in to marketing management is because it is one of creative aspect in business.  

Good communication 

A marketing manager must have excellent oral and written talents. Marketing managers constantly lead team meetings and write project proposals that will be reviewed by senior management. Clear, analytical, and persuasive writing and presentation skills are vital. I can use computers, and relevant software that will assist me in communication such as PowerPoint and I also know how to use the Internet that is one of the main source of communication today. I also am confident in delivering presentations, write reports, lead meetings, and respond to questions and I am also a good listener. I also have to show correct and appropriate body language while communicating, such as making regular eye contact with the audience and maintaining an open body posture. I will be able to do that because I have taken drama classes that will help me with these areas.    


Teamwork is the most essential skill in marketing. All work is done in teams so it is imperative that I create and participate in an environment that fosters and rewards teamwork. A more senior manager will also be asked to manage people underneath me and representatives from other departments. It is crucial that for me to learn how to train, mentor, and motivate these people.

To work effectively in a team, I will be able to negotiate with other team members because according to my personality tests, I found out that I am social, hardworking and calm which are some of the personal qualities that are required. I will need time management skills to ensure that the team’s project is completed by the agreed deadline, however, according to my personality test results I can work under pressure and I am fairly organised therefore I will be able to divide and organise the schedule wisely. I am group orientated and reliable therefore I will be able to monitor the team’s performance and achievements against set targets and discuss these with other team members. It is also important for me to be able to recognise and work to and around my strengths and weaknesses, therefore efficient planning of task will be my contribution to the team’s effort.


A marketing manager must strive to reach business objectives. In order to accomplish these goals, a marketing manager must be able to assess ways to track her business and understand how to grow market share and volume.


The marketing environment is always changing. A typical marketing manager is only assigned to any given brand for 12 to 18 months. On Monday you could be ridding the world of mildew stains and then on Tuesday be thrust into the world of insect repellents. Each assignment has distinct business issues and team players. Therefore, it is important to be able to adapt quickly and have a "take charge" attitude.

Risk taking 

Every day new products are introduced in strategic ways that force established brands to "reinvent" themselves, or at least rethink their marketing programs. A marketing manager must be able to look at business situations from a variety of perspectives and take acceptable risks.  I will be comfortable making smart business decisions when not all the data is available and when using my intuition is crucial, this because I can be calm in these situations and I also like changes and can adapt quickly to it. The key risk-taking skills also include the ability to make judgements about the likelihood of a decision succeeding, to estimate the likely costs of failure, and to learn to accept that taking risks does sometimes result in mistakes.

Good judgment 

Marketing managers must not be swayed by personal biases. For instance, you might adore a particular ad campaign but the consumers in your focus groups hate it. A good marketing manager must put her own preferences aside, because attracting consumers is key.  

Influencing Skills

Influencing and persuading skills are very important in terms of marketing. Influencing skills can be very subtle; they may take the form of gaining support from colleagues, persuading other people to become your supporters, and creating relationships with important groups such as colleagues, suppliers and customers. As a marketing manager I would have to have a good relationship with clients and colleagues, by socialising and interacting with them. This will be good for my work and the business that I will be representing, thus I will become valuable asset for the company I will be working and hopefully be rewarded in accordingly.

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Interpersonal Skills

I have great interpersonal skills. I am able to problem solve and take leadership. I like changes that assist me in taking appropriate and calculative risks sometimes. I can communicate effectively with other people because I have an outgoing personality and I can socialise with people. I value in honesty and I can easily deal with criticisms, as I like to interact with people at the expense of developing what areas I was criticise for, which can be part of my interpersonal skills.

Knowledge and Skills That Are Still Required

The knowledge and skills ...

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