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Applied Business Studies Unit 1: Investigating Business

Extracts from this document...


Business Studies Coursework (Investigating Business) This piece of coursework is all about Martin Manufacturing Ltd in Louth. A01: describe the main aims and objectives of the business and external environment factors which have affected the ability of the business to meet its aims & objectives illustrating these with examples taken from the business What this means: i have to state the aims and objectives of MMUK and any factors that contribute to them meeting these. Introduction to MMUK The company I am studying for my coursework is Martin Manufacturing UK (MMUK) in Louth. They make smoke machines and architectural lighting. The photo below shows an aerial view of MMUK: Below is a rough sketch of the building: Martin manufacturing UK is a subsidiary company of Martin professional, which is owned by the holding company Schouw. Along with MMUK there are several other manufacturing sites spread out throughout the world (including Demark and China). They also have a series of offices (including one in Kent, that operates as martin professional UK and is in charge of UK Sales) and there is a central warehouse in Venlo, Netherlands (known as the hub). The factory in Demark make intelligent lighting products, the factory in china makes lower priced DJ products (both lighting and smoke). Martin Manufacturing Ltd. in Louth make "industrial smoke machines" these are the sort of smoke machine professional DJ's would use, as well as them being used for stage shows and concerts and finally in nightclubs. The Louth factory currently supplies most of the big European festivals (Glastonbury included), and they are also the sole supplier of smoke machines for the Ministry of Sound clubs worldwide. The Aim's And Objective's of Martin PLC 1. Develop products the meet and exceed the expectations of customers and the competition worldwide. This is important to martin as it will mean that they will get the repeat business of their customers as they know they will always receive high quality products. ...read more.


AC lighting is highlighted above because they have one of the second biggest stalls and they are a distributor of martin. Martin also have brochures, leaflets and promotional DVD's that are give to customer and potential customer on request and during visits to the company offices and factories. Place The diagram below shows the channel of distribution for Martin professional: As you can see from the diagram above there are several ways to order martin products, from the factory, from Martin DK, from the distributors or the warehouse in Holland. Martin use long and direct channels of distribution. Long; from the factory to either the warehouse or martin DK, then the distributor, then the customer. Direct; products sold directly form the factory to the customer. The advantage of this from martin is it means there products cover more of the market. How do the 4p's help martin meet their aims and objectives Price The factory at louth have no control ovr the selling price of there products. The sale price is set by the mother company, and then MMUK selling to the mother company at a fixed price set on jan 1st each year. Therefore drops in costs and raw materials are good for martina s they make more profit on there products. However rising cost is a problem and does not help martin meet there aims and objectives. If martin manufacturing uk make a profit this helps them meet there other objectives such as money for new product development. Product For obvious reasons, the products helps martin meet objective 1, because without a product they would be able to meet and exceed the expectations of competitors and customers worldwide. Objectives 3, 4, 7 & 8 are also affected by the product and rely on it being high quality. Promotion Promotion help martin to meet their aim of becoming world leader as the more promotion they do the more people know about their product and the more people will buy them. ...read more.


Screenshot of the www.martin.com showing the specification of the magnum hazer. I found the price of the magnum hazer in Martin Price Guide (downloadable on there website). The pictures below show the layout of PLASA 07. Pictures found in a PDF format downloadable from PLASA's website. PLASA Floor Plan from 2007 Close-up of Earls Court 1, Martin is highlighted in red, AC Lighting (martins supplier) is highlighted in blue. Promotion Source: http://www.martinpro.co.uk/general/prevexhibitions.asp The Table below show the Trade shows and exhibitions that martin have visited this year and in 2007: Exhibitions City County Start End Year LDI 2008 Las Vegas NV/USA 24/10/08 26/10/08 2008 IBC Amsterdam Netherlands/Holland 12/09/08 16/09/08 2008 PLASA 2008 London UK 07/09/08 10/09/08 2008 BAR 08 London UK 17/06/08 18/06/08 2008 ABTT London UK 11/06/08 12/06/08 2008 Light Middle East Dubai UAE 25/05/08 27/05/08 2008 AC North Leeds UK 29/04/08 30/04/08 2008 PALME 2008 Dubai UAE 27/04/08 29/04/08 2008 Light + Building Frankfurt Germany 06/04/08 11/04/08 2008 prolight + sound Frankfurt Germany 12/03/08 15/03/08 2008 CABSAT Dubai UAE 04/03/08 06/03/08 2008 Japan Shop 2008 Tokyo Japan 04/03/08 07/03/08 2008 NightClub & Bar 08 Las Vegas NV/USA 26/02/08 27/02/08 2008 EuroShop Dusseldorf Germany 23/02/08 27/02/08 2008 Eventech 2008 Glasgow Scotland 20/02/08 21/02/08 2008 The ARC Show London UK 11/02/08 13/02/08 2008 WFX 2007 Atlanta GA/USA 25/10/07 26/10/07 2007 PLASA 2007 London UK 09/09/07 12/09/07 2007 IBS Amsterdam Netherlands/Holland 07/09/07 11/09/07 2007 Gentlemans's Expo Las Vegas NV/USA 27/08/07 29/08/08 2007 PALA Singapore Singapore 12/07/07 14/07/07 2007 SHOWTECH Berlin Germany 19/06/07 21/06/07 2007 Lightfair New York NY/USA 08/05/07 10/05/07 2007 ProLight + Sound Frankfurt Germany 28/03/07 31/03/07 2007 USITT Stage Expo Phoenix AZ/USA 14/03/07 17/01/07 2007 Japan Shop /Lighting Fair 2007 Tokyo Japan 06/03/07 09/03/07 2007 NightClub & Bar Las Vegas NV/USA 06/03/07 07/03/07 2007 Exhibition websites: * http://www.ldishow.com/LDI08/public/enter.aspx * http://www.ibc.org/cgi-bin/displaypage.cgi?pageref=100 * http://www.plasashow.com/index.asp * http://www.barshow.co.uk/ * http://www.abtt.co.uk/pages/home/homeframes.html * http://www.messefrankfurtme.com/light/site/index.php * http://www.ac-et.com/lighting_index.htm * http://www.palmeonline.com/ * http://light-building.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/home.html * http://pls.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/ * http://www.cabsat.com/Home_en_gb.aspx * http://www.shopbiz.jp/contents/JS_E/1_051.phtml * http://www.nightclub.com/ * http://www.euroshop.de/cipp/md_euroshop/custom/pub/content,lang,2/oid,155/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/~/EuroShop.de.html * http://www.eventech-scotland.com/ * http://www.thearcshow.com/ * http://www.wfxweb.com/houston/index.html * * http://www.palaonline.com/index07.htm * http://www.showtech.de/en-gb/index.cfm * http://www.lightfair.com/lightfair/V40/ * http://www.usitt.org/CaSE/ * http://www.shopbiz.jp/top/index_JS_e.html?PID=0004&TCD=JS Website Examples of a product page on the Martin Professional Website. ...read more.

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