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Assignment 2-Unit 1 Exploring Business Purpose

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Task 2: Design and project the aim and objective of business in different sectors and the main functional areas that support business organizations. Task 2 Why businesses set aims? Businesses set aims to make profit, provide goods and services. An aim also helps the business survive and expand. Maximise sales or improve quality and be environmentally friendly. All business has aims that they want to achieve and objectives that help them they have to do to achieve those aims. And aims are the overall goals and purposes that the business was set up to fulfil. Aim should always be appropriate to the business achieve and size of the business. Also aim is to provide a focus for the business also development and achievement of key areas of business. Why businesses set Objectives? Objectives: Objectives are steps which help to achieve an aim; they are broken down aims so that they can be easier to achieve them. They also should be monitored to be regularly checked if the achievement is successful. OBJECTIVES also are specific targets that must be achieved if the business is to fulfil its aims. Also objectives are to break down the aim so that they are easier to achieve and it's step which to achieve aim. All objectives mast is monitored regularly - to check achievement. Mission statement A Mission Statement sets out the business idea and values that enables employees, managers and customers and even suppliers to understand the basics for the actions of a business. ...read more.


2. To provide ourselves with secure well paid jobs working in a stimulating and equal opportunities environment. 3. To be profitable to ensure our long term growth and survival. The current goals and Objectives of Richer Sounds. 1. Consolidate the business and improve our profitability. 2. Develop the audiovisual home cinema range and increase the sales of plasma TVs and L C Ds. 3. Keep the business fun. We measure the success of this through our yearly Colleague Attitude Survey. 4. Keep the level of excellence of customer service above 90% for the company as a whole. Richer sounds measure the success of this through our customer till receipt questionnaires. 5. Control them costs through the cost control group to keep these to budget levels. How Richer Sound Achieve they Aims richer sounds didn't change the mission statement but often change the way they try to achieve they aims. They change product line so that richer sounds continue to ensure our customers receive value for money. Also richer sounds have a suggestion scheme. Every member of staff has a suggestion pad and every single suggestion is read by our Chairman Julian Richer. The idea is that everyone can contribute towards ideas for future improvement. Often the smallest ideas can be the most effective and richer sounds try to implement every plan which would provide a positive benefit. ...read more.


Oxfam want to see the part of people living in extreme poverty on less than $1a day halved, by 2015 in all countries of sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia, and America. Richer Sounds is a Public Limited Company, this means that they gain a profit. It is owned by Julian Richer who also is the chairman of Richer Sounds. The head office richer sound is in London, there are over 50 retailing shops in the UK and in Ireland. Richer Sounds are specialist's retailers of audio equipment and separates- such as DVD players, CD players and amplifiers. Richer Sounds think it is very important that all our staff enjoy working here and are well rewarded for their achievements, they employ nearly 400 colleagues. Oxfam is a charity and all the money made excluding the wages of the staff are given to the charity organization for the poor. It is a non- government agency dedicated to fight poverty and related injustice around the world. Oxfam has 42 shops throughout Ireland selling goods donate by the public as well as 3 shop committed to sell Fair Trade crafts and food products. Oxfam have over 40 full time staff working in 2 head offices (Dublin and Belfast) and nearly 70 staff involved in running shops around the country. Oxfam also have a field office in Tanzania with a full time staff. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Business level 2 : Exploring Business Purpose 1 Oxford Community School 12/12/2007 ...read more.

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