Assignment 4: ethical issues. The community. P4 and M3

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Maha Abu Nofal        Unit 38 Understanding Business Ethics                                

Assignment 4: ethical issues. The community. P4 and M3

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In this assignment am going to continue describing the ethical issues within Primark and organisations in general. However in this assignment I will be describing the ethical issues concerning the community. I will also write a recommendation section which highlights how businesses like Primark are required to operate ethically within the community.


In order to complete this assignment, I am going to use the business book to collect information concerning the ethical issues that may occur in the community. I will also use the Primark Website to look for any information regarding the community.


Businesses have come to a point where they have realised that the community expects great performances from the business.  They would like the business to contribute and anticipate in supporting the community by providing high quality of goods and services. By referring to the community we mean the local community, national and regional communities and the global communities. The community expects Primark to ethically attract the investors and the stakeholders to buy the products. This can be done by sponsoring specific workplace projects such as fashion shows for instance.

Different communities have Different expectations for example:

Local communities:

The local community refers to the people who are surrounded by the business. Primark should operate ethically in order to attract the loyalty of the local community. The community can benefit from the business in many ways, for instance Primark are able to provide jobs for local people, they also have a business that sell high quality of products with a good value of money. Primark can also benefit from the local community; for instance; by gaining the loyalty of the local community, Primark can easily retain their customers, the local community will also create an extra awareness of the business, meaning Primark will be able to attract extra customers because the local communities are recommending the business. By providing jobs for the local community, people will benefit as well as the government because the government receives taxes from the employees. Primark also consider the environmental issues, for example they have used 100% recycling bags in order to avoid any unethical trading.

Regional and National Communities:

Primark is a business that operates in many countries such as UK, Poland and Belgium. If one region has faced any problems or unethical trading, the whole business will be under a risk. One name represents all the branches around the world, therefore it is important to operate ethically at all stores, because one mistake may cause many.

Pressure groups:

The term pressure group is a very wide definition that does not clearly distinguish between the groups that fall under the term. For example, a pressure group can be a huge organisation like the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), which represents 150,000 businesses, and it can also be a single-issue locally based organisation like CLARA (Central Area Lamingtons Resident’s Association). Primark is under the influences by many pressure groups. They make sure that the business is operating ethically and that they are following the country laws. Each sector has different types of pressure groups, for example the food industry has pressure groups that monitor their operation regarding recycling and health issues. In the clothing industry, pressure groups investigate through how Primark produce their products and how they follow the laws.

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People and planet are responsible of Primark. They are the pressure group that monitors the activities of Primark’s operations. Their responsibilities are to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. The People & Planet network consists of groups at Universities, Colleges and Schools, plus many other individual supporters, supported by an office staff team.

Impact of overseeing bodies:

The overseeing bodies refer to the national and continental bodies that manage business activities around the world and observe whether businesses are operating ethically or not. Different countries gather to combine the law, i.e. share their laws. The EU which ...

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