BMW's Marketing Mix.

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Introduction to Marketing


Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is used by businesses as a tool in marketing. It is often used when determining the products or services brand. It usually consists of the four Ps; they are Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Below is an example of what is included in each of the 4 P’s and how it helps BMW in selling its Products to the consumer:

BMW is one of the leading manufactures in high-quality automobiles that are available in a variety of designs and styles. BMW offers it customers a range of different automobiles from small to large cars, SUVs, convertibles and motorcycles. Their sleek design and sporty appearance of all BMW vehicles has allowed the brand to build an excellent reputation for itself in the luxury car industry and to give itself the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Create a Marketing Mix for the chosen BMW vehicles by mainly focusing on the one series as this is a vehicle that BMW have newly introduced in the market to increase market share and to compete with rivals such as VW and Ford in the hatchback market. Mainly focusing on the Price, Product, Place and Promotion of BMW Products.  

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Price is the amount that the customer is willing to pay for a given product or service and this is important as it determines the company’s profit and survival in the market. The price of BMW’s one Series is important to the company as it is set at the higher end of the market spectrum. The starting price of the car at the lower end is not too cheap therefore; it is not affordable by everyone except people on middle income or above. The starting price ranges from £17,000 to £29,000, which is highly priced than its ...

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