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A group is a number of different people. A group is not always a team. For example, a group of people in a shopping centre, this is not a team, as each person has their own purpose for being there. E.g. tourists, shoppers, shoplifters etc

However a team is a collection of people with a shared purpose and a commitment of working jointly. For example, fire officer working at a fire, if one person fails, everyone fails, thus it is crucial to develop an understanding of the processes involved in effective teamwork and the input that individuals can make to generating high performance teams.

Some other examples of teams are:

  • Football team
  • Music Band
  • The Police
  • Astronauts
  • Waiters
  • Builders

Different types of teams need to posses different types of qualities and skills depending on their responsibilities. For example a team of paramedics need time management, critical analysis and interpersonal skills but for a factory distribution line motivational skills and co-ordination skills are needed.

In this part of the unit I am going to discuss different types of teams and their associated benefits.

There are different types of teams in business, these are:

  • Formal teams
  • Informal teams
  • Temporary teams
  • Permanent teams

A formal team is a team made for a specific purpose for example a legal team preparing to defend in court. A surgical team will be a type of formal team, it will consist of surgeons, nurses and an aesthetician operating on a patient, for example when performing surgery on someone, generally there will be one main surgeon performing the core elements of the surgery, a couple of nurses assisting the surgeon e.g. handing medical tools and an aesthetician to be present when aiding to relieve patient pain.

A formal team is recognised by an organization as being “official” and is typically created to perform one or more specific and set tasks. Formal teams have rules and clear expectations regarding the parts team members play. The team may also have written rules. For example a Premier League football team, a coach, football players and so on.

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An informal team is a team that wasn’t essentially created; it may have merged over time. There may have never been a specific purpose as to how it happened. For example it might be a group of students working on an assignment and happened to start discussing the assignment by chance. Related events also occur in the workplace, with groups of individuals working on something and obtaining informal contact with each other and discussing it.

Some teams are quite small, consisting of a couple of people whereas others may be much larger, made up of hundreds even ...

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