BP's Ethical Problems

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BP speaks of inspecting a bribery claim that has taken place in their company. BP exclaimed it was an accusation of bribery against their employees after they found a letter describing that is unproven of corruption that was sent to BP’s chief executive. The daily press have reported that BP was examining a severe incident of bribery and corruption that taken place. BP responded confirming that the BP’s chief executive's received a letter. BP manners its business to the utmost moral standards and have regulation on bribery and corruption which informs their employees of what is acceptable, if they do operate corruption I the workforce there are serious consequences and they can jeopardise their job safety also the business can gain a lot of bad press from stakeholders and their shares may decrease as shareholders will lose money if associated with business and there high fines, which could decrease shareholders income.  BP takes accusations seriously and all the time investigates them to get down to the matter. Information of the assumed dishonesty in BP was confined in a letter written to BP’s chief executive Robert Dudley by an informer explaining himself to be a BP employee. The letter claims Robert chartered tankers when they were in a better position for a supplier in reoccurrence for money expenses to senior BP employee. A duplicate of letter was made and sent to Britain's Serious Fraud Office which lately expanded more controls in undertaking bribery with the following modifications to UK’s Bribery Act.

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BP guidelines on bribery and corruption

BP is functioning to avoid bribery and corruption in BP by operating in ethical manner to show their shareholders that they are reputable business and they should invest in. In some locations where BP operates bribery stands in for an immense business risk but BP has extensive standards of regulations that all their staff is made aware in booklets and also accessible for their shareholders to show they take being ethical. This regulation was handed out in 2011, the standard requires annual bribery and corruption risk evaluations done in BP workforce also partners. ...

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