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btec bussiness exploring business purposes To select four different types of ownership and investigate their aim and objectives

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TASK 1 AIM: To select four different types of ownership and investigate their aim and objectives. INTRODUCTION: All businesses exist for a purpose. In other words, they all do something and have a reason for doing it. They may produce goods or supply goods, or offer the customer a service or the business may also be doing both. (Google) In my assignment I will choose four businesses from different ownerships and will write about what scale they belong in as well as the businesses sizes. The scale of an organisation relate to the scope of its operations. Some firms supply only a small area. Such as a newsagent who serves the neighbouring community. The size depends on the business number of employees as well as how large the organisation is. ...read more.


Purpose. The aims of the business are to gain a lot of profit and then make their organisations ever larger. I think they also want to expand their share holders. Ownership. The type of ownership it is, public limited company, it is not governmentally owned but it is a plc because it allows members of the public to become a share holders. Scale and Size. Tesco is a global company so the organisation will belong in the worldwide sector, because of the company being a global company and its employees are above 250 it belongs in the large sector McDonalds is the worlds biggest business in fast food restaurants, they sell hamburgers, chicken burgers ECT, they also sell French fries and carbonated drinks. ...read more.


Ownership. The type of ownership they are is a public limited company. Size and Scale. Comet is not in many countries and it is a national organisation and as for it being a national company and having less than 250 employees and more than 150 employees it will come under the medium size sector. Activities. Rock edge sells all types of cloths e.g. jeans, cardigans, polo shirts. Purposes. I think the main goal of this company is to expand to other localities and then become a national company. Ownership. The type of ownership they are is a partnership because they have two people handling the business. Size and Scale. Rock edge is just in the locality and so it will be a local business, and because of it being a local business and having less then 9 employees it will come under the small businesses. Abdul Yunus 14107 Abdul Yunus 14107 ...read more.

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