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Unit 2

I am going to explain how my chosen organisation (Willenhall School Sports College) writes a report on how they use their human resources. I am also going to produce a PowerPoint presentation to describe the main physical and technological resources for WSSC. Along with this, I am going to produce a letter and a newspaper article. For the last part I am going to interpret the contents of a given profit and loss and balance sheet and illustrate the financial state of a given business by showing examples of accounting ratios.

Pass 1

Willenhall School Sports College

Aims of WSSC are:

  • Place traditional learning values at the centre of a challenging educational programme.
  • Promote achievement by active participation and place great emphasis on a sense of partnership between school and home.
  • Aim to develop a sense of personal responsibility and self awareness in the pursuit of personal best.
  • Raise the self-esteem and aspirations of our school and its community.

About WSSC

Willenhall School Sports College is a specialist’s school aimed towards bringing the best out of all the students. It is one of the largest schools in the area holding about 1600 students from year 7 to year 13. There is also about 180 teaching staff contracted to the school. Willenhall School’s exam results have been increasing for the last four years, which shows the dedication of both students and the staff. The school offers a wide range of facilities to the students in order to give them the full educational needs they require for later life. Subjects that Willenhall offers are;






And more.

As the school has a 6th form, it offers a larger range of subjects such as Law, Sociology etc.

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As the school is a sports college, there is a wide range of facilities available for use such as Astroturf, Tennis courts, Swimming pool, Sports hall, Gym etc. Along with being a successful sports college, there are over 20 ICT rooms available for students to use for things like coursework etc.

Recruitment Process

Identify Vacancy                        Make job offer

Write Job Description                Select best candidate

Write Person Specification                Interview

Advertise the Job                        Shortlist Candidates

Send out Application                        Receive applications Offer Forms


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