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Business and marketing benefits for the Bullring

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Business and marketing benefits for the Bullring (www.bullring.co.uk) Business benefits * Global presence: The Bullring websites allows everyone to access it, local, nation and international. This benefits Bullring because it brings more people, more shoppers and more tourists. * 24 hour visibility business: Bullring website allows access to the site 24 hours; this benefits the Bullring this is because it helps customers search whenever they want. * Equality of presence between small, medium and large business: This means that the Bullring has an equal chance of competing with other online businesses, any shopping centre of any size can compete with the Bullring, and the Bullring can compete with other shopping centres. * Rapidly of response to customer interest: The Bullring can check if customers have an inquiry/ comment or even a complaint by checking on their website, they can also reply back instantly. ...read more.


Marketing benefits * The ability to collect market information from online enquires: Bullring can give customers information for online enquires by customers signing up their email address with the Bullring website and the Bullring can send them advertisements for each item. * Access to new markets e.g. remote locations customers with travel difficulties, poor transport links, and customers with disabilities: This enables customers to search the internet from wherever they are. They can get all the goods they want online and directly to their door, without leaving the house. * Access from a wide range of devices e.g. computers, mobile phones: You can access the internet from computers as well as mobile phones with new technology, this gives the Bullring increase market, more potential customers viewing the business, more customers and improved revenue. ...read more.


* Low overheads: Bullring has fewer expenses to make this is because they don't have a store for their goods and don't need to pay for extra staff whereas if they had a store they would need to. * Rapid payments: Different methods can be used to pay online except cash. Bullring should use the card method this is because they can be transacted quicker. * No expensive cash handling: Bullring does not have to pay large amounts of money because they don't handle cash and the transaction is mostly done by card which is handled by the bank. * Ease of entry: it easy to start an online business it is easier for the Bullring to start an online business then an ordinary business this is because it is an information only website. ?? ?? ?? ?? Doing Business Online Unit 8 Oxford Community School Task 5 - 1 - ...read more.

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