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Business Communication Methods

Free essay example:

Know how to communicate using appropriate methods

The new employees at ASDA are having difficulties using and understanding how to use the electronic methods of communicating in the business. This is why I will create a table explaining how to use them giving the new employees training in how to correctly use this equipment.

Electronic methods of communication in business

Method (what is the method and describe in your own words why you would use it) Suitable Recipients (tell me 3 different people who would receive this electronic method and why you would send this method to them)

E-mail - Electronic mail

This is used for sending and receiving messages to other people, friends and family. This is a cheap way to get in contact with people and is even cheaper to send an email rather that to write a letter or to make a phone call. Emails can be sent to one another almost instantly and both the sender and receiver get a copy of he message which is useful for reference. Emails are easy to store because they are sent digitally making them easy to store to the users hard drive.  

I would use an email to contact my manager, other staff within the business and customers.  I would send an email to customers with details of special offers or if a customer purchases online I will send an email telling them when they will be expecting their delivery. When sending an email I will have to be careful in the language

The people who use emails will have to be careful what they write and send to other people. This is because if someone was to send a email to a friend they may not use full English and may not fully complete words ex, l8 (late) or cya (see you) but if that same person was to send a email to their manager they would need to write the message out clearly and understandable by anyone.

Young people round the age of 14 to 17 may use words like l8 or cya, but young adults aged 18 upwards would be using the correct English because they may be sending emails to members of staff or manager.

Emails are rely easy to use and are used by both females and males. People usually pick up how to send emails at an early age by using msn to talk to friends and family.

 When writing a email the sender must make sure that the email is suitable for the reader. The message must keep the reader wanting to read the message because some people may have a short attention span and might get bored of reading pages and pages of writing so maybe by adding some pictures and may make the reader want to read the message.

Mobile phone

These are used for fast communications, enabling quick feedback and discussion.

I could use a mobile phone to get in contact with a number of people, my manager, staff or even security if there’s a problem. A mobile phone is a quick way to connect with other people, if I needed help from a member of staff and they were no were to be seen I could call them and ask them for their help.

Many people walk around with mobile phones nowadays. Kids at the age of 13 have the own mobile phones but  I think everyone will need a mobile phone sooner or later just in case they get in to some kind of trouble and need help, they could use their mobile phone to call for help.

Mobile phones are used by both the male and female community. Sometimes used to call friends of work.

Mobile phone are becoming easier to use especially as technology grows making them easier to use by people with special needs.

Sometimes when using a mobile phone to call friends it could get boring listening to someone talk and talk because they have a short attention span but this call simply be overcome by hanging up on them.  

Video conference

Video and audio communication through computer or TV screens between two or more people. This allows people to speak face to face even if they are in another country. They do this over a broadband connection using a webcam.

The video conferencing can be used to contact the manager, colleges or the line manager.  I would use it if I needed to advertise a product and show it to the manager, I wouldn’t be able to show the product to the manager over the phone so I can use the video conference to show him exactly what the product looks like.

Video conferencing is usually used by large business organisations so I think people who do use it would be aged around 23 and older. There are many different businesses and are owner by different people both male and female who may use video conferencing to communicate with other organisations.

Video conferencing is very easy to use, it is connected through the internet and works like a telephone call, but in this case the two users can see each other, this way the user can even use video conferencing to show new products.


Fax is short for facsimile. Faxes are used by organizations that need to send copies of documents quickly to clients or business colleagues. They are used to send pictures and documents.        

Faxes are used by organizations that need to send copies of documents quickly to clients or business colleagues. Faxes are sent to get quick messages across to whoever the sender is sending the fax to. The fax will include the persons details who is send the fax, who the fax is being sent to, the date it is sent and the message the sender wishes to write.

Faxes are mainly sent within businesses to other parts of the business or even to other businesses. So they are most likely to be used by young adults aged around 20 and older.

Faxes are easy to read as they are just copied and scanned and then sent directly to the receiver. A fax can also include images and they are easily sent to the receiver.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS is commonly referred to “text message”. SMS is available on all mobile phones and as technology grows so dose its users. A txt message is a quick way to inform another person within a matter of seconds. You simply type a message into the phone and send it to the number you wish to receive the txt.          

Mobile phones and txt messages are being used in many creative ways by organizations. Examples:-

•Short messages can be sent between employees, as a replacement for memos and email.

•Travelling members of staff, such as sales people, can be kept up to date with important developments.

Txt messages are sent by all users of mobile phones both male and female aged from 13 and older. Txt messages may be used by friends just getting in touch, members of staff asking for assistance or to inform each other about important dates and times ex meetings etc.

Txt messages can also include images, music and video clips. This is a good way to keep people from getting bored in reading the same messages. The user could use images to make it more interesting keeping the reader interested in reading the message because they may have a short attention span.


In many businesses a report is commonly used. It is a formal reply to a task that has been set or investigations that an employee has undertaken.

A report could be used if your manager asks you to investigate the efficiency levels in the production department and


This is an internal form of communication and is intended for relatively short messages between staff.         

Memorandums will be used by members of staff and the manager. They are used to give quick short messages to one another. A Memorandum can be written out and past along to staff within the business.

World Wide Web (www)

The internet is used to find and gather information on any topic by using a search engine. Search engines provide the user with thousands of links to other websites but sometimes they aren’t what you be looking for so you have to take time to find what you are looking for but will eventually find it.         

Every one uses the World Wide Web; it may be to find information and gather knowledge or just to browse the internet. Staff could use the internet to find information on new products; the manager would use the internet to look at the competition from the other businesses.

Flow charts

Using a flow chart is a useful way of illustrating a process that a number of steps. In a flow chart an oval represents the start or end of the chart, oblong boxes contain instructions and diamond contains decisions.


An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, indicating the products, quantities and agreed prices for products or services with which the seller has already provided the buyer. An invoice indicates that payment is due from the buyer to the seller, according to the payment terms.

Basically this is a document produced by a business that is selling goods or services on credit, and is normally produced by the sales department when the goods are dispatched to the buyer.         

From the point of view of a seller, an invoice is a sales invoice. From the point of view of a buyer, an invoice is a purchase invoice. The document indicates the buyer and seller, but the term invoice indicates money is owed or owing.

An invoice would need to be sent to the customer who is buying the products. This could be either a customer buying from a business or a business buying from another business, either way they would receive an invoice stating how much money is owned for the products being brought. A customer can use a invoice to look at what he or she has brought from the business and look at how much money need to be paid.

 Publicity material

There are many several  forms of publicity materials used by different organisation and although they vary greatly they all carry certain essential qualities. They are:

  • Informative
  • Attractive to the eye
  • Enhance the corporate image of the organisation

Publications - they are produced by an organisation that are intended to attract attention and promote sales. They do this by advertising, sending out leaflets etc.

Publicity material is intended for the public and is set to show a good image for the company, the publicity material is intended to be attractive and informative.

Publicity material is mainly aimed at the customers. The customers will receive information and details of a certain business that will try to persuade the customers to come and buy from them, to do this the material that will be sent out will need to be attractive so customers will take a second look at it and has to be informative so they no what its about.

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