Business Enviroment Essay - Describe the Stakeholders in Tesco and Lewisham College

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P1 – a brief introduction of two contrasting businesses

Tesco PLC (Public Limited Company) is a British multinational grocery general merchandise retailer. Tesco is the third-largest retailed in the world measured by its revenue. It is also the second largest measured by profits. Tesco has stores in 14 countries across Asia, North America and is the grocery market leader in the United Kingdom. Tesco have many aims and objectives they wish to fulfill, for example to be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online and to be strong in everything they sell because they are in food. Tesco is a Public Limited Company this means that they are able to advertise the sale of shares and sell them to the members of the public through stock exchange and also the company has a legal existence separate from management and its members.

Tesco and Lewisham College are completely different because Lewisham College doesn’t offer products it offers services that are entitled to the public. Lewisham College has 16,000 student enrolments and 36,000 courses. The college is a member of the 157 group of high performing schools. Lewisham College work with many diverse partners, including: schools, universities, trade unions, businesses and a range of public sector organizations. Lewisham College is a public college and do not particularly exist to make a profit but to provide a service for people who want to learn.

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Aims and Objectives of Tesco

  • To maximise sales
  • To grow and maintain the number one retail company in the UK
  • Tesco wants to outshine their competitors and remain the market leader
  • To maximise profit
  • To provide goods/services that is cheap and affordable to consumers or the public.

Aims and Objectives for Lewisham College

  • To provide the best service of education to all its students
  • To create successful futures

P2 – A Description of the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two organizations.

A stakeholder is a person, group ...

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