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Tesco Core Services

Tesco’s aim to supply high quality item’s of food and drink of all different brands at affordable prices for all types of the public whether its low class or high class and for it to be delivered by their drivers to your door and paid for over the internet to make it a secure and easy service, it is a 24 hour service, this is Tesco’s core service that they offer from there website.

Tesco Extended Service

Tesco’s also have an extend service, they sell a wide range of insurance, these include home insurance, car insurance, pet and holiday insurance and many more, they aim to provide this at competitive prices, this service can be easily dealt with 24 hours a day over there website, it can be paid for and the deal is transferred over the website for a secure service.  

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EBay’s Core Service

EBay provides a online trading centre for others around the world to trade there goods and products, it’s a 24 hour services that is completed entirely over the internet, it is easy to use and secure, it has a great reputation and is known to be a good service, this is  eBay’s core service

and is also known as the online market of the world

EBay’s Extended Service

EBay also provide an extended service, they offer charity’s to sell there products over eBay and eBay advertise this strongly, they provide charity’s the chance to make money over their website by the charity selling the goods that they would normally sell in the shops over eBay, they also let there costumers the chance to donate money to the charity of there choice over the website.

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This is taken from eBay’s home page from .

The 7P’s Of The Modern Marketing Mix and How The Internet Support’s Them

The 7P’s of the modern mix are simply there to help business start and to think about what they want to achieve and how they are going to do this. The 7P’s are simply a guideline for business to follow to become more successful. The Internet helps support the &P’s very successfully and plays a huge part in many businesses success.


Product is the combination of goods and services that are offered to the target consumers. For example Apple offers a range of iPod products along with the iTunes service. The two aspects together make up the product being offered to the consumer.

How The Internet Supports Products Of The 7P’s

The internet supports products in many different ways. Firstly, the internet can help company’s gain a much larger profit if the company use the internet to set up a service were they can sell their products over the internet. This would secure the business with a much greater income. Another way that the internet can support product within the 7P’s is by making the products well known. This is often done by advertising throughout the internet. A good example of this is Google, Google have pop-ups all over the internet to gain interest of the public to make there product, in this case Google is a service more well known and to sell this to the public. This is how the internet supports product in the 7P’s.


Price is the amount of money consumers have to pay to acquire the product. This can vary considerably. For example, the store PC World offers discounts and credit terms which all combine to alter the price individual consumers pay for a laptop.

How The Internet Supports Price Of The 7P’s

The internet supports the price of products in many different ways. Firstly the internet supports the price of products as it can advertise the cost of the product or service very clearly, this makes the product well known for its pricing which can be cheap for the product. This will then increase sales for that product due to the fact that internet supported the price of the product advertising the price successfully. A good example of this would be if XBOX 360 was advertised on the Argos website for its game console for £100, this is how the internet has supported the price in the 7P’s as it is advertising on the internet at its great price to sell the product more successfully.

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What Is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing refers to a fluid pricing scheme between the buyer and seller, rather than the more traditional fixed pricing. Dynamic pricing is a legacy from the past. Current, and evolving models for dynamic pricing this includes the auction pricing system, group pricing system and reverse pricing system. Typically these systems will better reflect the true market value of the product involved, but also require additional work on the part of the purchaser. These systems will evolve more rapidly when better standards are established and when intelligent agents evolve. Not all markets will be served well with a dynamic pricing model.


Place describes where and how the consumer can obtain the product. Place does not have to be a physical location. Nowadays consumers can buy such products as insurance, holidays and books over the telephone, via the internet or through their TV remote control. Products have to carefully choose the best method to ensure consumers can find their product in an appropriate place when they decide to make a purchase.

How The Internet Supports Place Of The 7P’s

The internet supports place of the products or services very well, in fact without the support of the internet the place of the products would not be successful at all. Without the support of the internet the product would not be sold as high as it could as none of the costumers of the product would now the place were they could buy the product. A good example of this is a business was having some difficulty selling a product and set a special day of fun for the costumers to sell the product more effectively and costumers did not no were to go then it would not work. Were as this the internets support it can help promote the event through websites etc. This is how the website supports the place of the product.


Promotion describes the activities undertaken to ensure the consumer knows about the product and its capabilities. It usually combines advertising, sales, promotion, public relations and personal selling.

How The Internet Supports Promotion Of The 7P’s

This is the most important of the 7P’s and the internet supports this extremely well. The internet is the best place to promote a product to its full ability. The internet supports this in many ways. The internet can place the product in many different websites and can promote the product easily and let all of the potential costumers of the product know and aware of the product that is on offer to them. This will promote the product widely and will make it well known. This is how the internet supports the promotion of the product.

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A major factor in how the costumer perceives the service and the degree of satisfaction received by the customer is determined by the person actually providing the service. Often the extent to which a customer is happy with the service is due to the attitude, skills and appearance of the people the customer comes in contact with. In some cases the costumer will purchase a service primarily because of the people they deal with. It is crucial to have the right people delivering a service, because often a service is only delivered once. You cannot ask the customer ...

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