Business (Thames Water), Strenghts, Recommendations and Conclusion

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Strengths: -

The strengths refer to the competitive advantages and other distinctive competencies that a company can exert in the marketplace. My research has different strengths that include questionnaires, pupils who filled the questionnaires, communications with pupils, Interview with staff in the canteen, and Internet reports.

The first strength of my primary research was questionnaires. I made approximately 28 questionnaires and distributed in four different year groups. The age range was 14-19 year old which means that I distributed the questionnaires in year 10, year 11, year 12 and year 13. The questionnaires were filled out by both Males and Females. The total numbers of females were 12. However the numbers of male compare to females were high but females filled out the questionnaire in every year. The most common were females. In the questionnaires there were questions about likes & dislikes, packaging and pricing. The questionnaires were the dominant factor for a successful primary research. The students were very helpful as I approach to them with questionnaires they filled it out happily with no bad communication. They filled out the questionnaires with hustling. They wrote truthful information about what they think of water. The secondary research includes two different types of researches. The first one was with the canteen staff followed by Internet articles. The Canteen staffs were very useful as they helped in water prices that how much they sell each bottle of water. I have also been told that they order 96 bottles of water each day. Mostly still water is being appreciated by the students while the teachers are more likely to buy the fizzy water. The Internet articles help me in finding of how many water companies are making profits and how the water fountains in London are threatening the water companies etc. These articles are relevant to my research because my research was on soft drink. These articles helped to achieve my secondary research strengths.

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Weakness: -

There were no such weakness in my primary research that would be the cause for concentration but how ever there were few weaknesses which need some concentrations. The first weakness was that The Mintel reports were expensive as they want the customers to pay for the research. My research was a school research which mean that I didn’t necessarily needed any payment research on water but The Mintel reports research are always accurate, and this becomes my weakness for my secondary research. The other weakness that I faced in my research was that some website I researched ...

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