Parag Mehta     Unit 1 Task 4     3118

In this task I will analyse the information I gathered the task 3 and discuss how it helps Cadburys meet their aims and objectives.  I will be discussing the marketing mix, teams and enterprising behaviour.

Marketing mix

I will talk about section product 3, which is in my task 3. It is the newspaper article I have found on the telegraph website. It is about how Cadburys are planning to bring back the Wispa chocolate bar after an online campaign on websites such as Facebook and MySpace. This shows market research for products as they have investigated on the Internet whether their customers want the Wispa chocolate to come back. Also Cadburys said they are “frequently contacted by consumers” this shows Cadburys have good communication lines with their customers and are willing to listen to what the customer wants. Also this portrays Cadburys will take customer opinions into consideration. This newspaper article also shows Cadburys are willing to take a risk, but be sensible about it. This is shown as instead of Cadburys making 100 millions of Wispa chocolate bars, they made an initial run of 23 million, and this tells us that Cadburys are being rational about the re-launch of Wispa. This will help succeed the aim ‘Profitably and significantly increase global confectionery share’, Cadburys a bring a old idea back which the public want therefore result in strong growth in the emerging market which is exactly what Cadburys want.

Cadburys also use extension of products very well. This is shown in section product 4 in task 3. Firstly Cadburys started of with the popular Dairy Milk, however as years have gone by and competition has gone tougher, so therefore Cadburys have extended the Dairy Milk range. As shown in task 3, they have extended Dairy Milk into 9 other products. This has brought Cadburys more profit and has improved Cadburys global status as a chocolate industry. This will help achieve the aim ‘Profitably and significantly increase global confectionery share’, as Cadburys are investing into a product, which they know is successful all over the world and therefore the extension products should also be popular all over the world.

Cadburys also have variety of products this is shown in section product 5 in task 3.  There is a Cadburys Crème Egg, which was made for the Easter season, however still does sell outside the season due to its delicious taste. This also shows Cadburys make festive products, even though I have not got it in my task 3, I’m assuming Cadburys make chocolates designed for Christmas.  Product 5 also shows the different types of chocolates Cadburys sell. There are different types and flavours in chocolates; this attracts a wide range of customers. Product 5 also shows it’s not just chocolates that Cadburys sell, as there is a Cadburys hot chocolate, it shows Cadburys are expanding.  Just like above this will help achieve the aim ‘Profitably and significantly increase global confectionery share’, as this is a recently new product which Cadburys have created and therefore this will increase of the rate of innovation.

Join now!

I am now going to talk about section price 4 in my task 3. It is a newspaper article from The Guardian, it states that Cadburys have lost share of the British Chocolate market after they raised their prices, however it does say in spite of this Cadburys claim that their products Dairy Milk and Crème Eggs are in a double-digit growth. This shows that Cadburys have lost customers as they have increased prices for their products, I know this because Cadburys have lost share of the British chocolate market. This newspaper article also shows the popularity of Cadburys ...

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