Cadburys Aims and Objectives

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Parag Mehta     Unit 1 Task 1     3118 Welcome to Cadburys, we are a very successful business. We currently have 59,000 employees working at Cadburys. This is a small introduction into our business, the new aims and objectives we have and would like to include you with us in helping the business grow and meet its aims and their objectives. This two-page document explains our aims and objectives and how we intend to meet them. Cadburys Aims and Objectives Aims Objectives Deliver superior shareowner performance -This aim was made to help Cadburys to deliver superior return to their shareowners. This will be done by increase in business performance. Cadburys measure shareowner returns by looking at the total return on their shares, or TSR (share price growth plus the value of reinvested dividends).Delivering superior business performance. In 2008 and 2009 we are hoping to increase our sales by another 5%. Execute Fuel for Growth and focus on Free Cash Flow - Our Cash Flow for the year was £200m, down from £400m we aim to raise
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it to 400m again.Profitably secure and grow regional beverages share. -This aim was made for Cadburys to increase the product that they supply all over the globe so that they can increase market share. Invest, innovate and execute - In the UK, there have been a increase of the rate of innovation and our marketing spend in the second half of the year with the creation of new chocolates like Cadbury Dairy ,Cadbury  Dark etc. And will continue with successful new ideas like Crème egg, Cadbury Dairy Milk.Leverage Smart Variety - In candy, our focus are on affordable, quality products     ...

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**** I like that the writer has used real information from Cadbury and then added their own comments but I would prefer to know when they are making their own comments and when they are quoting from Cadbury. Given the more recent disposal of the beverage division and subsequent takeover by Kraft, much of this can be used to examine the stakeholder concept when Cadbury appeared to only be concerned with the desires of the shareholders rather than the other stakeholders.