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AS and A Level: Case Studies and Analysis

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What is corporate social responsibility?

  1. 1 This is where businesses behave in a way that is seen as being ethically acceptable and beneficial to all stakeholders including the wider community.
  2. 2 An example would be a commitment to only buying raw materials from fair trade suppliers. This may raise costs so the business is being socially responsible and not buying from the cheapest source.
  3. 3 Sceptics may say that the business only behaves in a socially responsible way for the publicity they get from it.
  4. 4 This may be the case but it still makes it in the best interest of the business to be socially responsible. Think of other benefits to a business e.g. in the motivation of staff, the long term profit.
  5. 5 The free market view would be that the business only has responsibility to its owners (the shareholders) and anything which raises costs in the interest of social responsibility will be passed onto customers in higher prices anyway.

Top tips for analysing a business

  1. 1 Internal sources of information about a business will include the company accounts, press releases, company website, adverts etc. Remember who is writing them and why. Treat them with some scepticism.
  2. 2 External sources of information include Wikipedia, newspaper articles and internet sites.
  3. 3 Consider why a business has taken a particular course of action. What are its corporate objectives? What are its competitors doing? Is this a response to external or internal factors?
  4. 4 When evaluating use comparisons with previous time periods, with competitors and with its declared objectives.
  5. 5 Be prepared to question. Do not take what a business says uncritically. You may not know the real situation but questioning issues will still be worth marks.

Five things you need to know about stakeholders

  1. 1 Stakeholders are any individuals or groups that have an interest in or are affected by the activities of a business. These include shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government and local community.
  2. 2 Most businesses will need to take into account the interests and needs of the different stakeholder groups when making decisions. The relative strength and influence of the different groups may be reflected in the final decision.
  3. 3 When analysing a business you may need to consider the effects of any course of action on all the stakeholders. The effects will differ.
  4. 4 Stakeholder groups will usually have different interests that a business must resolve e.g. employees will want fair pay and job security while shareholders will want low costs.
  5. 5 Be prepared in your analysis to point out the winning and losing stakeholders. Some people criticise the whole stakeholder concept and say that businesses are only really interested in satisfying the shareholders.

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  1. Stakeholders in Tescos and Cancer Research.

    Tesco like most businesses need their customers because they are the business' income as the customers are the people who buy Tesco's products. The customers are a bit like a pressure group because they apply pressure to Tesco to meet their needs. Tesco like most business' need their customers because they are the business' income as the customers are the people who buy Tesco's products. The customers are a bit like a pressure group because they apply pressure to Tesco to meet their needs.

    • Word count: 641
  2. Business ethics - After reading a case The Ford Pinto I came to the conclusion that Ford acted unethically in resolving the issues with a gas tank in the cars.

    Then they calculated the cost of payments for the insurance and the claims of the victims. They also estimated that the cost of remaking all Pinto is several times higher than the cost of the claims. Accordingly, Ford decided that it is more economically profitable to burn people, than to alter cars. In my opinion Ford's decision was unethical and I support my opinion with an Act Utilitarianism theory. The decision that Ford made was a morally incorrect. The reason why I say this is because; even intellectually challenged person can see that human life is worth more that $8 or the whole Pinto car.

    • Word count: 722
  3. Evaluation of Tesco's Website and a comparision with Asda.

    Figure one shows how many graphics a page contains on Tesco's website so you can understand here how some users may have problems with loading the website. Tesco could resolve this issue by adding a version of their website that doesn't have any graphics so that 56k users wouldn't have a problem browsing the site. The website has a vast amount of products and the information about each product is great, they give a detailed description of most of the products.

    • Word count: 900
  4. Case study - How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a strategic perspective? Is the strategy working? Does the company have a winning strategy?

    animals growth in their growth cycle without chemical pesticide and Hormone WFM's core values These core values are the soul of Whole Foods Market. * Their deepest purpose as an organization was helping support the health. Selling the highest quality natural and organic products is their goal. Now our life is becoming better and better, and many people more and more attention to their health. The price of Whole Foods Market are more expensive than other similar market, but customers also want to buy it.

    • Word count: 858
  5. Airline Case Study. What was David Neelemans original strategic vision for JetBlue? Should JetBlues strategic vision be revised now that the company has new executive leadership?

    reevaluate the ways the company was using its assets, (2) reduce capacity and cut costs, (3) raise fares and grow in select markets, (4) offer improved services for corporations and business travelers, (5) form strategic partnerships, and (6) increase ancillary revenues.i Some new strategies are good for developing like reduce capacity and cut costs from sells used Airbus A320s, reducing its aircraft utilization rate from 13 hours per day to 12.S hours per day. Increase ancillary should not revise now. It may lead to loss customers. For example, charged passengers additional fees to reserve seats with extra legroom.

    • Word count: 1803
  6. Costco supermarket - business model and strategy

    �Costco?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2. What are the chief elements of Castro's strategy? How good is the strategy? Lower price: compared to other companies, Costco product quality better than the others even they have lower price. Costco for members to provide high quality service and products, but only you are become their membership. The small profits and quick turnover attract more members, the membership fees is one of the main profit. Direct cooperation with producers, pass over level 2 suppliers, that can decrease cost, increase profit, make the price better than the others.

    • Word count: 951
  7. The country chosen for this discussion is India. A number of aspects which have resulted in the Indian markets transformation over the last decade are analyzed below.

    The way Indians shop is also changing. The small shops specialising in products like clothes, electronics and even foodstuff are slowly being replaced by chains of supermarkets and departmental stores. Even these supermarkets are not restricted to the upper class - chains like Reliance, Vishal Megamart etc. serve the lower and medium classes also. Another change which can be seen in Indians is their acceptance of restaurant food including fast food. More families can now be seen enjoying a meal in a restaurant than a decade before. This includes not only weekend but weekdays - something not very common previously.

    • Word count: 1503
  8. McDonalds. Examine the activities (formal and informal; internal and external) that your chosen organisation undertakes to scan / monitor its marketing environment.

    We have to change too." This laid the foundation for the change which McDonald's went through. A key aspect of understanding what strategy to follow is to re-assess the needs of the market. Also the company's relationship with the internal stakeholders like the franchisees needed to be reviewed. During the process of evaluation, McDonald's used the latest technological tools like the internet to enable their brand managers to communicate with the franchisees and compare and improve their services. McDonald's studied demographics to identify which customer profiles visited there franchises and for what reasons. They realized that kids were their biggest customers - but to get the kids to come in to the restaurants the parents had to be convinced also.

    • Word count: 744
  9. Business Ethics. The case The Harry Potter Lexicon is about a legal dispute between Steve Vander Ark and J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series. Steve Vander Ark created the Harry Potter Lexicon which is basically an onlin

    The case quotes her as saying "it is not reasonable, or legal, for anybody, fan or otherwise, to take an author's hard work, reorganize their characters and plots, and sell them for their own commercial gain. However much an individual claims to love somebody else's work, it does not become theirs to sell." However the Lexicon web site was supported by ads, so Vander Ark was already making money on the Lexicon to which Rowling had no objections. Rowling is also upset about the fact that the majority of the Lexicon is taken directly from her book and no quotation marks were used.

    • Word count: 1037
  10. Social implications of business ethics. The main areas I will be highlighting are Ethics in Finance (bribery, executive pay, insider trading, lobbying), Ethics in human resource management, Ethics in production, Ethics in sales and marketing, Ethics in i

    'IBM has received a slap on the wrist from the U.S. regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the form of a $10 million fine. The fine addresses the SEC's belief that IBM used bribes in its business dealings in South Korea and China. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, IBM employees in South Korea paid 16 government officials a total of $207,000 in cash bribes from 1998 to 2003 to secure the sale of mainframes and personal computers. The cash was supposedly stuffed into shopping bags and IBM envelopes and then handed over in secret meetings in parking lots.'

    • Word count: 3054
  11. Understanding business ethics- BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

    Estimates place the total volume of oil released at over 200 million gallons. 'On the evening of April 20, 2010, a gas release and subsequent explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig working on the Macondo exploration well for BP in the Gulf of Mexico' (Source: http://www.bp.com/sectiongenericarticle800.do?categoryId=9036575&contentId=7067541) The explosion led to a fire which burnt for 36 hours before the rig sank, and hydrocarbons leaked into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days before the well was closed and sealed by experts.

    • Word count: 2407
  12. Legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations - Tescos and Thorpe Park.

    It also operates in Asia: in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan), Tesco's performance is highly influenced by the political and legislative conditions of these countries, including the European Union (EU). For employment legislations, the government encourages retailers to provide a mix of job opportunities from flexible, lower-paid and locally-based jobs to highly-skilled, higher-paid and centrally-located jobs. Also to meet the demand from population categories such as students, working parents and senior citizens. Tesco understands that retailing has a great impact on jobs and people factors (new store developments are often seen as destroying other jobs in

    • Word count: 532
  13. How successful has Patagonia been as a company? Evaluate Patagonias strategy.

    Patagonia strategy based on quality and environmental commitment - reducing environmental whenever possible. The firm has successfully implemented its core strategy through its choice of activities on product development, marking, organization structure and human resources. All these activities fit well into its strategy and strengthen the competitive advantage. On the product development side, Patagonia continuously improved raw materials, and camp up with better product design and paid great attention to the details in the manufacturing process in order to produce high quality products.

    • Word count: 1125
  14. Business plan. The business that I am going to produce is a personalised logo company specified in dance schools, in need of customised dance wear.

    Also dance schools and academy's may take interest of having their own logo to represent themselves, as did I with my dance school. I have also decided to create a website for my personalised dance wear company as it will be a quick and easy way for people to describe what it is they want personalised, with a picture maybe to show what the logo will look like. I am also using my website as a source of promotion, as the internet is a global system, this means the world population can access my website if in need of any personalised dance wear.

    • Word count: 14555
  15. Free essay

    Investigating business. Within my business I am going to be meeting many different people every day, my customers expectations will need to be met, in order to do this appropriate customer service must be taken on board.

    I will briefly explain what service I have on offer to all of my customers. The service that I will offer to all of my customers is a personalised logo company specified in dance schools, in need of customised dance wear. Customers will have the chance to customise their own dance where in order for them to feel comfortable whilst dancing, as I am only a sole trader to start up, my website will be advertised and dealt with online, this will make it easier for customers to tell PDW exactly what design they are in need of, in order

    • Word count: 3322
  16. An Investigation into what Drives profit In a Knitwear Manufacturers

    Rawlinson's knitwear is the UK's largest school wear manufacturer. They recognised that they had to fight to keep up with their growth plans because resources were being badly allocated. As a result of this the company were struggling to meet demand and quality on a number of products. They would jump in too quickly with products that didn't sell or mis-calculate demand and they were often receiving complaints. They realised that honing their resources at new product development was bad for their business and should instead consolidate the product and market they already had.

    • Word count: 988
  17. How do I get to be a Fashion Designer in the Fashion Industry?

    Fashion Designers read a lot. They read magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Fashion trends. They read Newspaper such as Women's Wear Daily, and they also read regional papers such as the Apparel New. This is very important for fashion Designers as it is showing them the new trends coming in and all the fashion news. They also get this knowledge from TV shows. Designers also need to be able to both sketch and design. Firstly they sketch their ideas out and then start design developing from these sketches maybe using computer programs or by hand.

    • Word count: 864
  18. Was Mike Ashley smart by floating shares into the Stock Market?

    Another reason why people believe that it was not smart for him to float shares into the Stock Market was because sports Direct unveiled a 70% crash within its first half year profits which plunged from �70 million to �20 million, this then caused the shares to fall again reducing it to a 67% difference from when they first started trading on the Stock Market.

    • Word count: 473
  19. Free essay

    Explain the main differences between the types of organization that work in the wider UK construction sector. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization in minimizing the average total cost of production.

    Examples of sole traders in the construction industry can be plumber, bricklayers, plasters etc. Sole trader organization Advantages; - Sole trader organization are very personal, the owner will have personal contact with customers. This would allow the owner to create an impression the way he/she would like to create it; it would also allow the owner to control the finance and negotiations. - Being a sole trader would mean the one owner will be to make all the decisions and would not need permission for anyone else.

    • Word count: 1360
  20. Entrepreneurship business plan. Characteristic of Entrepreneurs There are few common characteristic that are associated with entrepreneurs such as an eye for opportunities, hard work, optimise, discipline, innovator

    2.2 Knowing the customer As an entrepreneur, we do believe that it is very important for us to know the customers, due to the reasons they are the people that we are going to fulfil their needs and wants. Technology nowadays is becoming greater and powerful, we are able to assess anything or any information from our finger tips without any limits at all time. However, at certain extent customers are starting to fell seek and tired of getting the information from computer or calling up to a department which most of the time will be end up with voice mail.

    • Word count: 1211
  21. With reference to the car market, discuss the case for and against engaging in niche marketing as distinct from mass marketing.

    This is because the luxury car producers have produced cars which will attract certain minority group of customers but may not for the majority. What this means is that the luxury producers specialises in offering luxury cars such as Rolls Royce which exceeds at a more higher price of �100,000 than a what you'd expect for an average car price coming from the volume car producers. This is because these cars are uniquely made than an average car. Therefore, since the luxury car producers produce cars at higher prices, the will obviously be smaller amounts of customers which mean smaller demand on units for these cars in contrast to the volume car producers.

    • Word count: 711
  22. Free essay

    President cheese company profile.President is the biggest dairy product manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East; it was launched in 1997 as a franchisee in Egypt

    Promotional offers President is known as the innovative of promotions in the market, it has introduced new ideas of promotions in the market that increased the company's value from the other competing companies in the market, and it has increased its products demand and has been recognized quickly by consumers of the dairy products. President have brought the mystery along with its products, first of all, in the triangle cheese, offers one pack free with each one you buy depending on which pack the prize is offered with.

    • Word count: 1256
  23. In this assessment I will be looking at Tesco and Marks & Spencer I will be describing their activities, products and services and how they have changed

    Tesco offers six product brands to its customers which are (strategies of selling): 1. Tesco finest -competing with marks and Spencer product and groceries 2. Tesco organic- which is aimed at upmarket shoppers 3. Tesco- which is the same quality as national brand 4. Tesco value - competing with Lidl products and it's for people who are on budget. 5. Tesco healthy living- less sugar and salt on these types of groceries 6. Tesco kids- aimed at kids and also has minimum artificial ingredient.

    • Word count: 2129
  24. Free essay

    In this assignment I will be identifying how Tesco respond to internal and external changes.

    be in that same situation Environmental issues This factor has effect on every organisation, this is because every organisation has the duties to protect the environment, and this has a big influence on Tesco because environmental groups like friends of the earth insist to Tesco to recycle plastics and cardboards. If tesco don't follow the reules that are bei Macro environment Macro environment is the external actions and development over which Tesco don't have control over, such as changes in customer's minds if they don't want to shop at Tesco, then Tesco can't do anything to make them shop at Tesco.

    • Word count: 1299
  25. The Diversity of Distribution Channels in the Retailing Industry

    Also by selling the own brand they don't have to relay on other suppliers, and also by Tesco using the own brand they will have more control over their products. Furthermore transportation will be a lot easy because all the goods only get supplied at Tesco. Provision of products enhancing functions Transportation is vital because if the suppliers are late then Tesco will lose lot money so for this not to happen Tesco orders goods before it runs out, it also has warehouse close to it so the goods can be transported as quick as possible.

    • Word count: 2855

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