Comparing the analytical techniques used by McDonalds

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Comparing the analytical techniques used by McDonalds.

There are many analytical techniques which can be used on products on services in marketing. The three techniques I have chosen are the SWOT analysis, the product life cycle and the PESTLE analysis. In this essay, I will compare the analytical techniques used by McDonalds and see how they relate their marketing decisions on their chosen products and services.

The SWOT analysis

This allows McDonalds to look internally and externally to see what is good for them and what is potentially bad for them. They can evaluate this my looking and predicting any opportunities that may arise to them and be able to pre-judge and threats that they may be involved in, in terms of their competitors. The Strengths (S) and Weakness (W) look internally of an organisation and the Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) refer to the external factors of an organisation.

Strengths relate to anything that is positive about an organisation or a factor in which they hold that holds a competitive edge over their rivals. One of McDonalds main strengths may be that their brand name is so strong that it is recognisable my many people across the world. The products that McDonalds sell can easily be identifies by consumers that the food has come from their rather than other fast food restaurants.

Weakness relate to anything in which the organisation possesses that is likely to hinder them on a whole or a negative factor in which they encounter. In relation to McDonalds, this can be used by referring that McDonalds do not sell enough healthy food and only sell a limited amount of it. This can hinder profits as a healthy easting customer would rather eat healthy food rather than the ‘fatty’ products in which McDonalds sell to the public.

Opportunities are an external factor in which the organisation may use to ensure that they achieve the opportunities that are referred to them. In relation to McDonalds, they spotted a niche in the market by offering healthy products such as the McSalads. This was an opportunity as their rivals such as Burger King did not offer such products from a fast food restaurant.

A threat is considered as anything that may falter an organisation or in which is a bad influence in which hinders the performance of a business. In relation to McDonalds, a threat could be that Burger King have introduced a new products in which attracts their audience. This is considered as a threat as if McDonalds keep on offering the same products every time, consumers will get bored of the products and will want to try something new elsewhere, this leading to McDonalds losing customers. Another threat is something that McDonalds cannot advertise their products directly to children, as obesity concerns and complaints have restricted McDonalds to do so.

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Product lifecycle

The product life cycle represents the life cycle around a selected product. This consists of 5 stages that is based around the selected product. There are as follows:

  • Development: this is the first stage in which the product is analysed and produced in vast numbers. The product is not bought in to the market yet and is usually developed after the research has been gathered.
  • Introduction: is the first stage in which the product is brought into the market. At this stage a lot of advertisements should take place to promote the product so ...

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