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Complete Geography Project : Comparing three commercial retail outlets in Llandrindod Wells

Extracts from this document...


Index. 2. Index 3. Flowchart 4. Introduction of question 5. Background to Llandrindod Wells. 6. Background on competition 7. The growth of firms 8. The size of firms 9-14 Distributed questionnaire with accompanying letter 15-22. Analysis of questionnaires 23-26. Analysis of data 27-29. Conclusion 30 - 53. Appendix (containing map of Llandrindod and copies of all questionnaires distributed). 31. Map of Llandrindod Wells 32. Copy of letter sent with questionnaires 33-39. Copy of questionnaire sent to Spar 40-46. Copy of questionnaire sent to Somerfield 47-53. Copy of questionnaire sent to Ridgebourne Post Office. Flowchart of coursework. 1. Decided upon a question 2. Wrote a background on Llandrindod Wells 3. Gathered textbook information on topic to be researched. 4. Distributed questionnaires 5. Analysed returned questionnaires 6. Compiled the data to form answers to my question 7. Conclusion and brief answer to question 8. Formatted this report, index page and flowchart. For my coursework I have chosen to investigate and compare three commercial retail outlets in Llandrindod Wells. The three businesses that I am looking at are; 1. Somerfield, centre of Llandrindod Wells. 2. The Ridgebourne Post Office, outskirts of Llandrindod Wells. 3. Spar, central to Llandrindod Wells. I will, with the aid of a survey and by canvassing customers for their views/opinions have to draw a broad economic overview of how the three businesses operate and compete with each other in Llandrindod Wells. Finding out how they attract customers, what range of customers each store attracts and therefore identifying the proportion of the market held by each store. Background to Llandrindod Wells. Llandrindod Wells is a town situated in Powys in mid Wales; it has a population of around 8,000 people. The main industry in Llandrindod Wells is farming and agriculture in the primary sector. There are many farms in and around Llandrindod Wells ranging from arable farming to pasture farming with a mixture o the two. In the secondary sector or manufacturing industry of the town's economy, there are three main factories; 1. ...read more.


The store, covering approximately 120 square metres was purpose built and has always been a food store. Spar have not taken over any companies, or merged with any companies. The stores heating system is coal based. The items that Spar has stocked for the longest are commodities such as; flour, sugar and butter. The stores best selling item is semi skimmed milk. 1. Personnel, * Spar employ between one and ten staff * 50% of Spars employees work under 25 hours per week. * Spar has in store staff training, which can gain staff an NVQ level 1. The store is also making it possible to achieve an NVQ level 2 next year. 2. Annual turnover, * Spar did not disclose this information. 3. Customer Profile, * The most frequent people that purchase goods from Spar are; schoolchildren going two and from school in their lunch hour and single adults. 4. Where stocks come from, * Spar buys in bulk sometimes, when they do, they get a discount on the original price for one item. * Spar does not have a group computerised stock replenishment system and obtain their stock, mainly from their own company's distribution centres. * Spar also purchases some goods from local cash and carries. * Spar stocks certain seasonal items such as Christmas and Easter gifts. * The items that Spar stocks are; 5. Promotional, * Spar offer Christmas card stamp schemes in order to save money. * Spar sponsor a range of groups in Llandrindod Wells such as; Rugby, MIND - local mental home and school fetes and raffles. * Spar provides plastic bags, paper bags and baskets in order for shoppers to carry goods. * Spar has a friendly customer service and helpful staff. * Spar advertises their business in newspapers and by handing flyers out. * Spar attracts customers using in store promotions such as buy one get one free. ...read more.


In conclusion, I believe that out of the three stores surveyed, Spar is the most at risk business, it can continue as it is but with no real scope for expansion, it's lack of parking facilities and so on, I can see no real future for the store, it's only kept afloat by several factors; Due to its location Spar picks up on casual passing trade whereas Somerfield is off the main street. The most significant finding made by talking to customers was that there is a noticeable element of customer loyalty, which motivates a small proportion of the more mature local population to continue shopping at Spar. However from my business prospective I don't feel that Spar is continuing to trade on any kind of sound base and it's more than likely that in not so many years, the Spar store will be forced to diversify radically away from groceries or face closure. 3. Somerfield, Somerfield supermarkets is a very large national company, and like the other big players such as; Tesco, Sainsburys and Safeway, command enormous buying power which means that they in turn can offer their customers the most competitive prices. Since the store opened in Llandrindod Wells not only have they taken the majority of the custom away from the local stores (Spar) but they have stemmed the flow of people who had started travelling to larger towns such as Brecon and Hereford for their groceries. The advantages of the Somerfield store are both numerous and obvious. When you arrive to do your weekly shop, the first thing you note is a large and free car park, modern push trolleys, a large, well lit store with good displays and a wide range of products available. Somerfield is proven buy the public to be a modern way to shop. APPENDIX. THE FOLLOWING PAGES CONTAIN AN ACCOUNT OF EVERYTHING SENT TO THE RATAIL OUTLETS, INCLUDING A COPY OF THE LETTER SENT TO THE MANAGER OF EACH STORE AND THEIR RETURNED QUESTIONNAIRES. IT ALSO HAS A MAP OF LLANDRINDOD WELLS. 2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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