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Customer Relations

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´╗┐Customer Relations BTEC Diploma in Business Level 2 Unit 11 Customer Relations 1of 2 Task 1 a Butlins The first type of customer is internal- The gentlemen that work in CCTV security room have a problem with 4 cameras. He asked for a help to technicians. The second type of customer is external-The older age lady is on Butlins restaurant checking a menu but she can?t read a menu without glasses. She asked for a help to the waitress. The third types of customer disable lady. Lady on the wheelchair can?t get in to the restaurant because there are steps .So she asked for a help to restaurant manager that was on the front of the entrance to restaurant. New look First type of customer in internal-Sales consultant has bought jacket from the latest collection of clothes in shop the problem was that after first wash the jacket has lost a colour and size. She asked to manager of shop floor to exchange or refund. The second type of customer is external-Lady picked up pair of jeans to try on those in changing room .The jeans size wasn?t right for her .She asks to sales assistant to bring another pair of jeans but with another size. ...read more.


Members of staff must be nice and smiley to every customer they must provide any help to every customer. They must check everything to be secured for the customers. Customer?s service must to provide security signs for customer?s safety. All of staff member?s must follow up the procedure like cleaning shelves, floor and windows. Every week all staff members must have meetings where they can discuss all problems and progresses of business. Manager must do different types of training for staff members like: Health and Safety and problem solving, team works with all of types customers. Developing own professional knowledge and skills. Every day members of staff must to check all prices to ensure that everything is right. Also every evening and morning members of staff must make sure that all product are on the right places. Also companies must to have customer comments book to know how customers been treated to make customer service better. Task 2 b In two businesses like New look and Butlins customer service not really differs because the rules of good customer service everywhere must be the same. Differences are in duties that customer service must to provide because sphere of business are different. ...read more.


For example parents with young baby came in to Butlins camp for holidays; they have ordered the room for couple and young baby. But when they came in to the room they saw there just one bed. Parents went to reception to find out that this room isn?t that room that they ordered. But the lady on the reception desk tells to them that this isn?t her problem and she doesn?t know what to do. Manager saw everything on camera and came in to reception to sort out the problem. After this situation was the meeting where manager tells to everyone that they must be very nice and friendly to customers or if they don?t know how to help then must to call for manager to ask for advice. Monitoring and evaluating are very important for organisation and employees. Organisation will progress and will have more incomes. It is very important every day look after staff and see how they contact with customers. It is important to check staff. For example lady call to shop to find out about the refunds and exchanges in shop but the sales assistant who was on phone was very rude .If company don?t control phone calls company can lose customers. That way it is very important to recording phone calls and to make best quality of customer service. ...read more.

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