(M3) PC World

Customer services is basically a department in the compnay that’s job is to provide information, recommendations and after sales services to the customers of PC World. The customer service also aims to be a extremely well-organized service for PC World’s customers, usually consumers to use if they have an issue with something in related to PC World. For example if they have bought something but it isn’t working then they can phone, email or fax the customer service department and ask for help.

PC World provides several different types of customer service. The customer service gives the business an idea into how satisfied their customers are with the purchases they have made. Knowing about this, the business can improve their products and services. Also the customer service can give the business an idea into what the customers expect. This can then help the business become more completive if it knows customers are expecting this from their service. As part of the customer service also provide the consumers with information on their legal rights.

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PC World has been changing throughout the past years; however, the compnay also change their service and provided a better customer services because a good customer service allows the business to gain and keep their customers, if a customer is pleased, they are likely to buy from the business again and could tell their friends and family and loyalty. If they are happy with the businesses service (PC World) then they could remain loyal customers for several years and while the company is growing and changing the consumers will be there to assist for example purchase more goods and become ...

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