D1 Evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions at Tescos

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D1: Evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions


Tesco is a global company that operates in 12 different countries across the world. They are a public limited company that operates in the private sector.

What types of information the finance department requires?

The marketing finance of Tesco mostly requires types of information such as how the business is performing overall. This department uses on-screen communication which allows them to create information like how much profits Tesco has made in their sales the past year, month or even week. They will also be concerned with types of information like how much lost occurred after their sales and overall performance.

Once Tesco finds out and analyse their overall profit figure how much lost they made, they use this information to make strategic decisions for the future of the business. The type of strategic decisions they make will depend on how and what the overall performance of the company was. For example, if Tesco’s performance was bad and the lost figure was higher than the profit fire, they would make strict and straight forward decisions to improve in the future. The financial department within Tesco can decide to increase their profit figures for the next year for example. The purpose of this strategic decision is to increase the amount of sales they will make next year and decrease the lost figure their obtained.

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The advantage of this strategic decision is that it will allow Tesco to increase their profit figure and decrease their lose figure through the next year.

The disadvantage of this strategic decision is that it will take a lot of time and money from Tesco to acquire information needed to make their sales grow. They’ll needs money to obtain information from outside sources such as commercially provided databases, trade groupings and researches. Tesco will also need time to obtain information from their internal sources such as their own customer services.

This strategic decision is appropriate because it sets out ...

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