D1 Evaluating the effectiveness of the techniques in marketing products in Microsoft

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Task 3

D1: Evaluating the effectiveness of the techniques in marketing products in one organisation

An evaluation of the techniques used by Microsoft to market the surface pro

Terms of reference: Microsoft Corporation, Wikipedia, online websites (Microsoft services, Microsoft accessibility)

This report aims to evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses of the techniques used by Microsoft to market the surface pro


The report will now make judgement of the strengths and the weakness that Microsoft has used to market their products


Growth strategies


Diversification is when a business sells some new products to new customers. Diversification is one of the strategies that Microsoft has used over the last few years to market their latest invention, the Surface tablet. The business has diversified the surface tablet by creating the surface pro which was an advanced version of the original product. They have carried the diversification of the product to The Current version of the tablet which is the Microsoft surface 3. Microsoft have also diversified in by creating the “Kinect” which is a sort of sensor designed to be used with their already well known product, the X-box but they didn’t stop there. They have entered the phone market also with their mobile handset which uses their own OS software. This diversification happened in the same electronic industry but in a different market.  

One of the strengths of this technique is that the product is always improved and kept updated. This keeps the customers interested in the product and always on the lookout for the next. Another strength of this technique is that it enabled Microsoft to expand their markets and grow as a business by expanding in a totally different market then the one they are used to deal in.

A weakness of the diversification to the business is that some of the new products that they diversified were similar to their previous products according to customers and reviews on the products. For example, between some of the surface tablets they offered, there wasn’t enough features added to new ones for them to differ from the old ones. So this pushed some of the customers to other competitors with better features on their newest products.

Another weakness of this technique to the company is that the diversified product’s coasts kept on going higher and higher which did put off customers and lead the company to some lost on profits that they could’ve easily gained.

Product development

This is when you develop and sell a new product to the customers who are already buying your products.

When using this strategy, a weakness that one could encounter is the already- existing customers are not always going to like or buy the newly designed product that is being sold to them by the businesses. This is often due to the very high prices or the lack of new features. This unfortunately was the case with some of Microsoft new products i.e. their second surface tablet. It caused the business to lose out because the customers didn’t buy the products enough of the product, which obviously lead Microsoft to the loss of the money they invested in making the product.

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One of the strengths of this strategy is that if the customers like the business ‘s new product, they are going to like the company even more and trust them which will lead to a deeper and stronger relationship between them and the business.

Market development

Market development is when a business tries to find new customers for the product that they already have.

In this case, for the surface tablet. Microsoft used market development to sell the surface table by introducing it and selling it to their software or X box buyers. They’ve also introduced it to other tablets ...

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