D2 Evaluate the effectiveness of business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of Tescos

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D2: Evaluate the effectiveness of business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of an organisation

In order to grow and expand, a business needs to a good communication and information management that will help them apply their different strategies and reach their goals and objectives more efficiently.

Tesco is big business that has excellent communication and information management system within their organisation. They use information and communication method efficiently in the way they operate and that is why they are one of the biggest retailers in the UK.

Methods of written communication


Tesco uses letters as a form of written communication, to get in contact with various types of people who include staff members from the other stores, customers or staffs who are unable to attend work for health issues. An advantage of using letters is that they can easily reach and communicate with their customers about financial issues or bills.

A disadvantage of using letter is that the letter might not get delivered to the specific place you want it or on time, this could cause problems. Another disadvantage of using a letter is that it might get lost in the post and never get in to the destination.


Tesco use reports as a form of written information to communicate with between staff members within the company. The advantage of them using reports is that they record and show information of what happened during an entire week or month in a store for example. A report often contains information, sales figures and bar graphs to show the overall performance of something. Tesco use report to convey information about how they performed annually every year to show people their profit/sales etc.

A disadvantage of using reports is that writing involves gathering a lot of data sometimes and they are quite time consuming. It would take a lot of time to produce reports because you have to record every that has occurred and sometimes doesn’t provide the full information it is hard to acquire all information and note them down.



Tesco use notices as a form of reminder of tasks that needs to be completed during the day, in a week or sometimes in the near future. An advantage of using notes it that it can help save time as well as reminding member of staffs efficiently and tell their employees/staff on upcoming events/activities

The disadvantage of notices is that it can create a waste of paper and a mess when they are too many notes accumulating in one place all at once. For when the all the notes from the past days and future are all stacked in one place.


Tesco mostly use leaflets communicate to their customers by informing them and keeping up to date about what changes within Tesco. For example, they could use leaflets to inform customers about offers, competition, sales, special deals and bundles. Another advantage of Tesco using leaflets is that they can inform customers any new products or services they bring out.

A disadvantage of Tesco using leaflets is that their customers might misunderstand the information they convey. Another disadvantage of using leaflets is that Tesco will have to spend time and quite a lot of money to design and make leaflets.


Tesco use E-mails to contact customers as well as other employees with the company.  An advantage of this written communication method is that Tesco can contact the person whoever they want to contact efficiently knowing that the person they are trying to reach will receive the message. They can also use is as a way to keep in contact with their customers and update them about things like special offers and promotions to avoid losing them.

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The disadvantage of Tesco using E-mails is that some people don’t use their E-mail regularly and therefore won’t be able to respond to the message that has been sent to them on time. Another disadvantage to of using E-mails is that some customers will see Tesco messages and offers as a sort of spam which could be inconvenient sometime.


Magazines are also another way for Tesco to communicate information to their customers such as promotional information about offers, deals, bundles and others. They can also use magazines to convey information about the latest product and services they bring out.


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