Describe and explain the objectives of the business

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Describe and explain the objectives of the business

An objective is a goal the business wishes to achieve in its aim. Businesses exist to provide goods and services. All businesses, whether they aim to make a profit or not, have to make products or provide services that satisfies customer wants or needs. Businesses set themselves objectives that govern the way they operate. For example;

Making a profit


Increasing sales or market share.

Providing services to the community.

Producing high quality products or offering high quality services.

Developing a skilled workforce.

Fulfilling charitable or non-profit objectives such as caring for the environment.

All businesses have particular attitudes, values and beliefs that make up their culture. British Airways objectives are:

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-To be a safe and secure airline.

-To deliver a strong and constant financial performance.

-To become global leader of worldwide business air travel.

-To have a significant presents in as many markets in the world.

-To provide a soupier service and value.

-To be customer driven.

-To have an Equal opportunity policy.  

-To be a good employer and sustain a working environment that attracts, retains and               develops committed employees who share in the success in the company.

-To be a good neighbor concerned for the company and the ...

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