Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.

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Unit 4 Effective people communication and information P2

P2 – Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.

Job Role: Cooperative Sales Assistant

Job Description:

Liaising with clients in all areas of sales - client interaction is vital and sales assistants working with higher priced goods will need to provide a highly personalised approach;

Meeting set sales targets - this aspect of the work can be demanding, often carried out in a busy and pressured environment, with sales teams frequently expected to hit their targets;

Stocking, replenishing and cleaning sales areas;

Assisting with product selection;

Processing payments of various kinds;

Offering advice to customers;

Arranging delivery dates for larger items;

Dealing with customer complaints;

Utilising specialist product knowledge;

Monitoring and updating sales display areas.

What is the job about?

Being a sales assistant for the Cooperative means that you have to be on the shop floor and help customers in any queries, stocking shelves, rotating stock and updating sales display areas.

What skills are required?

Working as a sales assistant for the Cooperative requires a variety of skills. All employees that work for the Cooperative will have to meet these following skills in order to qualify for the job.

Personal Skills

In the Cooperative as a sales assistant you must be hard working and also patient. Hard working would be being productive on the work floor, if you have finished rotating a section of stock you could help out a colleague in a different sector. Being patient is important when talking to customers in the Cooperative shop floor, says for example someone has asked a question about a product and you explain it to them, it may take a while for them to engage and understand your information. Being patient is key.

Good interpersonal skills are vital. Interpersonal skills would be having good trust, avoiding conflict, taking responsibility, cooperating with others and not moaning about a specific job or task. Trust is needed for the job as a sales assistant because the manager needs to know that the products are safe in your hands. Avoiding conflict on the shop floor of the Cooperative is extremely important as they want to maintain the corporate image of the company and by avoiding conflicts on the shop floor, where the public are, this will maintain the brand image and reputation. Accepting responsibility for an error made whilst on the job is a good honest approach and will help form positive working relationships with other employees in the Cooperative. Working cooperatively with others including managers and other work colleagues within the business will help you to get along with everyone at the Cooperative. Moaning and groaning when given a certain task is a negative outlook on work, smiling and being positive will make it far more likely for you to build friendships and working relationships within the Cooperative.  

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Being able to work as a team in the Cooperative is important for the job as a sales assistant. There are a number of people working in certain departments and it would help you get on with work if you are efficient in a team. This means helping others out, taking note on what they need and wearing a smile when meeting them.

Negotiation skills are needed as a sale assistant in the Cooperative as when a customer asks for a certain product and it isn’t in stock it is then your job to suggest another product and persuade them ...

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