Describe the Objectives and Online Activity of Three Business Organisations.

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                             Unit 12 – Business Online Assignment 1


                                                       Task 1 A


Transport for London (TfL): Is the local government body responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Greater London in England. Its role is to implement the transport strategy and to manage transport services across London. Its head office is in the Windsor House in the City of Westminster.

Aim of Transport for London: The aim of TfL is to improve the information service for customers.

Objective of Transport for London: The objective of TfL website is to improve the accessibility and make it easier for customers to find the information they need.


Tesco: The primary function of any business is to make money and invest. If it doesn't do that, it can't exist. Tesco is a major retailer in grocery and general retailing. Tesco is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the second-largest measured by profits.

The purpose of Tesco’s is to produce their own goods and sell good made by other people.

Aim of Tesco: The objective of Tesco is to increasing profits or reducing costs.

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Objective of Tesco: The aim of the website is to provide information about goods and services and make it easier to buy online.


NSPCC: The purpose of NSPCC is to provide services to look after for children and prevent child cruelty.

Aim of NSPCC: The aim of NSPCC website is to increase donation.

Objective of NSPCC: The objective of NSPCC is to increase awareness to provide information about the cause. Also, to encourage people to donate and make it easier for people to donate online.



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