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Describe the recruitment and retention process and documentation in a selected organisation. (Coop)

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´╗┐Unit 4, communication and information Describe the recruitment and retention process and documentation in a selected organisation. (Coop) Recruitment Process The recruitment process of any business is when they try to get new people into their work place. This could be done in many ways such as online advertisements, newspaper adverts, radio broadcasts or shop window displays. The recruitment process can be very long or very short depending on the job in hand and taking the wrong person on without looking closely enough can be costly. Businesses invest a lot of money into new employees, also known as training, if they leave after a month then this is a bad investment and the business is at a loss. The Cooperative?s recruitment process The General Recruitment Process The Cooperative?s Recruitment Process Job Analysis is carried out The Cooperative manager looks at his department in hand and analyses all areas for where a job would maybe be appropriate. ...read more.


Sometimes they may place them in the local newspaper if their store is located clearly in a local town. Advertisements are placed The Cooperative manager or marketing department will place the adverts out to the areas that they have decided to place them in and await for a response. Applicants are short listed Once the applicants have started applying for the job then the Cooperative human resources department comes into action by reading the CV?s and narrowing the choice down until they have a select few applicants. References are requested The Cooperative human resources will contact the short listed people and request two references to see how if they are reliable or not. Candidates are invited for interviews and selection tests The human resources team gets all the people from the short list with good referrals in for an interview. ...read more.


The Cooperative?s retention process The Cooperative takes time to get all of the right applicants for the job and they came up with effective ways to keep them in the same job. 1. Discounts Discounts on all the products of the Cooperative, up to 20% off on stock and big reductions on reduced product lines. 1. Bonuses Bonuses are shared out between the workers of the Cooperative, more profit for the business means bigger bonuses for the workers. 1. Holidays Longer holidays are offered for people who have been working for a long time. The longer the employees work at the Cooperative the longer their holiday breaks can be. 1. Promotions Promotions of job roles can be offered to those who have excelled in their department and this means a higher pay and more control over a certain department of the Cooperative. Unit 4 Effective people, communication and information P1 ...read more.

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