Describe with reference to different customer service functions, the different methods used to attract and retain customers for a selected service/product.

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P4: Describe with reference to different customer service functions, the different methods used to attract and retain customers for a selected service/product.

In this assignment, I will be describing the different methods that are used to attract and retain customers for a selected organisation. The organisation that I have chosen for this assignment is McDonalds. With reference, I will see how McDonalds retain their customers and describe the methods they use to retain customers.

What is customer service?

Customer service is the process in which an organisation tries to propel themselves according to their ability to supply customers with their needs and wants. It allows customers to believe that they are the main priority of any profit making organisation and that receiving good customer service before, during and after their transactions can lead the organisation in securing customers. However, bad customer service can lead to potentially customers being let down on behalf of the organisation and them losing customers, therefore less profit can potentially be made.

Customer service is very important for all organisations and by creating good relationships with customers, they are giving their own company a good name, this by keeping customers happy at all times. A happy customer is more likely to spend more at the organisation and can help persuade potential customers to shop there as well. This can lead to higher profits for an organisation such as McDonalds, as repeat business with a customer is the backbone of their type of business.

The purpose of customer service and the role it plays

The purpose of customer service, in terms of the customer, is that it allows customers to feel part of the organisation in which they make transactions at. An organisation that offers their customers a department in which they can put forward suggestions and queries forward, they are able to interact with the organisation directly to ensure that any doubts or concerns regarding the organisation are answered. Also customers are able to make any complaints about the service they may receive or if they are concerned on how the organisation runs, this can be put forward through customer services so that customers’ voices are heard.

This can benefit the organisation as they are able to deal with problems quickly and they are able to analyse what customers feel is a negative factor and suggestion methods in which they can improve on this problem. When an organisation receives feedback form its customers, this allows an external view of how customers see the image of the organisation and their perspective of the services they provide. This is valuable for an organisation as they can correct any flaws in their operating system and can keep customers by taking up their ideas. This data that the customer service department have received by customers can be analysed and can help organisations to propel themselves in the future.

The role of training

Training plays an important role for any business as it enables them to run more efficiently as an organisation. If the employees are not trained properly to offer good customer service, this can lead to the organisation not being able to run efficiently and can eventually lead to customers being unhappy with the service they have received. This can lead to the organisation such as McDonalds to receive less custom if customers are unhappy, they would go to another rival and shop there instead.

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Training itself can be broken down into 3 different departments that relate to customer service:


This is transactions that are made before the actual one is made. This can be internally through an employee receiving training and be given the opportunity to improve their customer service skills. Employee may need skills such as communication skills and motivation skills so that they provide their customers with the customer service in which the organisations need them to do. Also, building relationships is something that has to be done before the transaction can be made so that they understand ...

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