Different methods of verbal communication used at Tesco with their advantages and disadvantages

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Task 2

M1: Analyse different types of business information and their sources

An analysis of the verbal information used at my chosen organisation

Different methods of verbal communication used at Tesco with their Advantages and disadvantages  

Tesco uses verbal communication such as face to face and telephone communication

Face to face communication

The Advantages of face to face verbal communication

Tesco uses verbal information like face to face conversation because it allows them to communicate important information easily with each other within the company. Another form of verbal communication that can be done face to face is board meeting. At Tesco board meetings can done to communicate information about the future plan of development concerning the company.

They also use face to face communication to communicate information with their customer personally to which they will obtain instant reply.

The Disadvantage of face to face verbal communication

A disadvantage of face to face communication at Tesco is that when dealing with customers, the customer might not understand properly or could misinterpret what the member of staff from Tesco is communicating to them.

Telephone communication

The Advantages of telephone communication

Tesco use telephone communication and the advantage of this is they will have a quick reply and speak to the person they wanted to.  

Disadvantages of telephone communication

A disadvantage of this is you might not be able to have a reference or what has said over the phone unless it’s recorded for a particular reason.

Voicemail as a verbal communication tool

Tesco uses voicemails as a way of communication because they are another way to get in contact with other within the company when the phone can’t be answered or when the person being contacted is absent for example.

The Advantages of voicemail verbal communication

Tesco use voicemail as a communication tool to contact their customers or even other staffs within the company. They use voicemails to contact customers when they need to remind them about their product deliveries for example or even to arrange a date to pick up an item for return.  

The Disadvantage of voicemail verbal communication

The disadvantage of voice mail at Tesco is that the voicemail system might have a failure and delete the voicemails or might just auto delete itself if the message left has been left untouched for too long.

Tanoys announcements

Tesco also uses tannoy announcements as a form of verbal communication for their businesses and like all other communication tools; it has its advantages and its disadvantages


Tesco use tannoy announcements as a verbal communication tool when they need a particular member of staff for example, at a certain place for a reason, which could for a specific task for example.  

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A disadvantage of using tannoy announcements as a communication tool is that they don’t always sound clearly. When making an announcement or trying to contact an employee, it the person is quite far away, they can misunderstand the announcement or not hear the message properly.

Verbal information used on the telephone


Tesco uses Verbal information on the telephone to contact their members of staffs when there is a problem or it can be to check and clarify something for example. The advantage of using telephone for verbal communication is that staffs and colleges at the company ...

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